Zoran Pordon Carbarron
Vital statistics
Title Captain Carbonium
Gender Male
Race/Species Bold-Mane Mekkan (Deadlafella lemo)
Faction His Own Pirate Crew
Description Small Scars and Wounds
Skills and Abilities Natural Feline Agility, Night-Vision, Sharp Claws and Teeth, Legacy of Torment Space Pirate Ship, Pirate Crew
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Waterwaste Marshes, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Homeland)
Alignment Morality Debateable Space Pirate

Captain Zoran P. Carbarron, AKA Captain Carbonium, is an Alternate UUniversal Mekkan from Planet Ardalicron. He is a pirate captain who didn't get banished to Ovenga at all. Though baring a note-worthy infamy with a legacy of Ovenganian violence and crew, even being named after being as strong as the indestructible AUU glass of the same name that later gave birth to the much-better refined transparisteel, especially since his ship called the Legacy of Torment had a circular viewport in the front composed of it, he is an honorable and wise pirate, so he hardly has a reason to even be with the likes of Ovengan pirates. It's a debated mystery why he he's like what he is today because he never once acted out against the interests of the Pirate Council and all of Ardalicron. Rumors had been spreading around that he's really an agent of the Pirate Council himself to reform the Ovengan pirates to the ways of Ardalicron through his strength, his power, how admirable the loyalty of his crew is, and most of all, his sense of honor. However, Carbon's honor makes him a slightly more questionable ally to Captain Orelock because, in an odd stance for Ovengan pirates, Carbon doesn't seem to exactly 'hate' the Pirate Council or the pirates of Ardalicron. In fact, he even surprisingly believes that it was being too greedy for their own good that got Ovengan pirates banished in the first place. But Orelock finds his honor too admirable to pass up and included him to convince more 'stubborn' pirate captains to team up with him, making Carbon half of the reason why so many infamous pirate captains had join an otherwise complete stranger other than just because he's big and wants to 'avenge all Ovengan space pirates'. Not to mention that all of Orelock's allies, even the very dispecable ones, take Carbon very seriously. Even Orelock's own crew like Carbon better then Orelock. Carbon is only listening to Orelock obviously because he wants to see that if Orelock is more then just big talk and "an ambitious overgrown scallywag" filled with "nothin' but hype and too good to be true promises", but in truth, Carbon is smart enough not to completely trust Orelock or have complete faith in his plans, knowing that 'overconfident fools' like Orelock have been known to fail ultamately in the end. It may be possible that Carbon may be building up a mutiny to help overthrow Orelock.


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  • Laxeth Shong- A semi-aquatic otter-like cat pirate who serves as the first mate of the crew. He is the most skillful of the crew, and has been able to win in a fight against each member of the crew. He is also flirted on by all the girls of the crew. He is very skilled with dual guns and energy katanas.
  • Shredding Hranstum- A cat-like synapsid who is a skilled combatant not just for his deadly bite, but for his skills in firearms and mainly his energy staff. He can swing this staff very quickly with his immense strength, and he has amazing acrobatic skills.
  • Rhombur the Rough- A giant alligator-like creature which serves as the brawns of the crew. He is extremely strong, and has been known to actually eat his victims. While he is not an expert at strategy, at least he isn't stupid.
  • Poison-Fist Fagon- A poisonous amphibian pirate who was the original first mate before Laxeth. He is the second most-skilled member of the group, and he serves as the bodyguard of Carbon and also as the pilot of the Legacy of Torment. His punches not only hurt, but they are very poisonous when he isn't wearing gloves.
  • Quantum Usylla- A predatory beaver-like sea rodent who is not only an aquatic scout, but is the brains of the crew. She helps keep the Legacy of Torment working well, and she even helps provide weaponry and technological powers to the group.
  • Leatherneck Hogue- A long-necked hippo-like creature who serves as another brawn for the crew. He and Rhombur get in a lot of fights together, but they are still very worthy members of Carbon's crew.
  • One-Eye Shirna- A flightless bird who serves as the scout that resides in the Legacy of Torment crow's nest to scout for space fleets. She is also the navigations expert who helps map out their location while in the crow's nest. She has an eyepatch not because she lost the eye, but so she could protect her good-mapping eye.
  • Boxer Kubus- A kangaroo-like creature who had briefly been a wrestler that wasn't originally from Ardalicron or Ovenga. He was just abducted and learned how to be a good member of Carbon's crew. He is an excellent kick-boxer who has been said to easily knock a person out just by touching them.
  • Jet-Fast Chaicer- An eagle-like bird who serves as the aerial support and scout of the crew. He is a skilled flier that was fast enough to strike flying enemies out of the sky easily. He is very strategic in his flies, and is even fast enough to dodge gunfire.
  • Darkstalker Omlissa- A nocturnal bat-like creature who serves as the stealth agent and spy of the crew. She aids in spying on intruders and reporting them, and even having to step into the battle herself if she has to, using her arsenal and power to take down the opponent as much as she could.
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