Captain Celaeno

Captain Celaeno

Captain Celaeno is an Equestrian anthropomorphic parrot pirate appearing in the 2017 My Little Pony Movie. She is a pirate and the dynamic leader of the Parrot Pirate Crew. Once proud and daring explorers of the skies, Celaeno and her crew were roped into The Storm King's service as mere postal carriers. It takes a certain group of six pony stowaways (plus one dragon) to rekindle her zest for adventure, making her an invaluable ally. She is voiced by Zoe Saldana (Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2, Nyota Uhura in Star Trek, and Neytiri in James Cameron's Avatar).


IDW Comics

Celaeno and her pirate crew's origin story serves as the basis of My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel Issue #2. In the issue, Celaeno and her crew mostly plunder the Storm King's cargo ships while not drawing too much attention from him. When Strife offers to help them steal a large treasure from the Storm King himself, the pirates launch an attack on his airship fleet, hijack some of his treasure ships, and inadvertently recruit Capper and his friend Chummer. The Storm King soon catches up with them, however, and after Celaeno helps Capper and Chummer escape, the Storm King forces her and her crew to work for him.

MLP Movie

Celaeno and her crew are first seen leaving Klugetown on one of their delivery runs of Storm King merchandise when the Mane Six manage to make it aboard their airship. Though initially thinking they had company, Celaeno's crewmen take the Mane Six's presence for rats. However, some time later, the Mane Six are discovered by Celaeno's crew, and per the Storm King's rule book, Celaeno intends to have them thrown overboard, but is interrupted by their mandatory-issued lunch break. Allowing the Mane Six to have lunch with them before carrying out her orders and have them thrown overboard, when Rainbow discovers that Celaeno and her crew used to be pirates, Rainbow Dash is able to convince Celaeno through the song Time to Be Awesome to mutiny and return to her old life as a pirate, agreeing to take them to Mount Aris to meet with the Queen of the Hippogriffs, having her crew unfurl her airship's rainbow sails as they set course in that direction. However, when Rainbow celebrates by performing a sonic rainboom, she unintentionally alerts Tempest Shadow to their whereabouts, resulting in Celaeno's ship being harpooned by Tempest's and boarded, with Tempest warning Celaeno of the consequences should she be harboring fugitives on her ship.

The Mane Six escape thanks to Twilight's clever thinking, but leave the map pointing the way to Mount Aris behind, proving that they were on Celaeno's ship. Furious over Celaeno and Capper's deception, Tempest personally rips Celaeno's beloved airship to pieces as punishment.

Luckily, Celeano and her crew survive the destruction of their ship by Tempest, and together with Capper, arrive to aid the Mane Six with rescuing Twilight, who had just been captured by Tempest and taken back to Canterlot. Though they lost their ship, Celaeno and her crew are still grateful for the Mane Six restoring their spirits, and are ready to help.

Returning to Canterlot, Celaeno and her crew conceal themselves in a congratulatory cake with Princess Skystar, while Capper and the Mane Six attempt to carry it past the Storm Guards and into Canterlot. Unfortunately, Grubber notices the cake, and ends up exposing the plan and alerting the Storm Guards before being subdued by Celaeno's crew. Their cover blown, Celaeno and her crew burst forth and begin engaging the Storm Guards, managing to keep them busy while the Mane Six and Capper head for the royal castle to rescue Twilight and defeat Tempest and the Storm King.

Celaeno and her crew survive the fight to retake Canterlot, and join everyone in attending the Friendship Festival and watching Songbird Serenade's concert that evening. Celaeno also shares a hoof/fist bump with Rainbow Dash.


Though a pirate, she has done no malicious stealing as she only stole from Storm King and nobody else, as this only served to give her due karma as she ended up in his servitude as punishment.

The prequel comic shows that she sees her crew as family and cares about them more than any amount of treasure. She does everything she can to minimize the risks in their work, and when the Storm King catches them and offers her the position of right hand creature, but says the crew will be relegated to cargo haulers, she accepts the offer to join to keep her crew safe but turns down the offer of a high rank in favor of staying with her crew.


  • "C'mon! Let's show these little ponies how it's done!"
  • "Are you kidding? That was AWESOME!"

Role in the series

She is revealed to be a past face to Captain Blot as one time when he was attempting to find whereabouts of Captain Taiklar Blackheart's treasure in a pirate-occupied territory at the same time she was hanging out in a tavern, and ended up ticking off Celaeno when she first claims Blackheart a myth, and that he wasn't gonna find anything there, and instantly ended up picking a fight that she won, but ended with the loss of her right leg to Blot in the fight, since warning him to never return, or she'll know and come for him. Later, it ultimately served to be a bigger crutch when Storm King attempted to cut off the other leg to ensure her loyalty when she was forced into his servitude.

  • Human Equestria Celaeno: Celaeno's alternate Equestria Girls counterpart is also revealed in the series, as she and her crew Mutton, Boyle, Murdock, and Lix are all part of the Navy, as Celaeno is a Navy SEAL and the others are marines. They used to be honest pirates until the interference of Agent Subductos, as even though they have to follow their rules, they still be grand behind their back, because Celaeno and her sister Onealec (Virgil) both have birth marks on their right feet that remind them that nothing can lower their spirits and stop them from being awesome.
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