Ruwon Korola Clashark
Vital statistics
Title Captain Claw
Gender Male
Race/Species X-Ray Gerbit (Pelluciostracus maxillus)
Faction Pirate Crew
Description Cybernetic Left Claw, Anger Issues, Trigger-Happy Tendencies
Skills and Abilities Prosthetic Left Crab Claw With Weaponized Capabilities Including Disintegration Energy That Can Be Concentrated Into Non-Lethal Repulse Blasts, Cluster Bombs, And Can Cut Through Partially Anything Like A Lightsaber, Durable Transparent Patterned Shell, Aquatic Crustacean, Entire Crew, Oppressor Space Pirate Ship
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ruby Island, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Homeland)
Alignment Evil Space Pirate

Captain Ruwon K. Clashark is an Alternate UUniversal Gerbit from Planet Ardalicron. He is a transparent-shelled hermit-crab-like creature that was once an Ardalicronian outlaw who was able to get away from his crimes by being very elusive along with his gang of bandits, including his screw-up brother. The two had once been good brothers, and Ruwon had always forgiven his mistakes. But his outlook on him changed when one of his mistakes lead to him not only getting caught, but through him losing his left claw, he had started hating his brother, and when they were all banished to Ovenga, Ruwon had started being incredibly hateful against his brother, and got a cybernetic claw to replace the one he lost meant to be a self-defense device that was capable of slicing through metal, shooting lasers, and firing cluster bombs. Even though he grew into hating his brother, he did make a vow to never kill him. Instead, he became a well-famed pirate who traveled on a ship called the Oppressor, and had a crew consisting entirely of crustaceans. He had eventually become an ally to Captain Orelock to help him in engaging in a revenge plot against Ardalicron which promises that 'all Ovengan space pirates would know justice'.


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  • Ghavlin the Grabber- A coconut crab-like crustacean who serves as the first mate of the crew. He is a cunning and cranky person, and is very skilled in intense combat arts. He has even been known to kill with his 4 large claws.
  • Spiny Sablen- A porcupine-like crab who is able to get through tasks easily with his poisonous back spikes. He is the saboteur of the crew, and is an expert in demolitions.
  • Deadpinch- A eurypterid-like crab which is famous for his venomous pincers. He is a skilled warrior who knows several martial arts, and uses strong leaps and grapples to disorientate his targets.
  • Stalker Zolan- A poisonous sea scorpion-like creature who is very agile and lightning-fast, being as skilled in martial arts as Deadpinch. His strikes are very hard, and he also serves as the scout that resides in the Oppressor crow's nest.
  • Fascham Clashark- Captain Claw's screw-up brother who is not the first mate for obvious reasons including his brother's hatred. He was instead made the cabin boy for the Oppressor. And even with that, he manages to screw-up. He is also the one responsible for his brother getting caught and losing his claw.
  • Slapping Eigana- A lobster-like crustacean who everyone flirts on. Though she is very violent and prefers to stay single no matter what, especially since her boyfriend 'betrayed' her and got her banished.
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