Lawsley Xever Clawse
Captain Clawse
Vital statistics
Title Captain Clawse, AUU Captain Hook, Joke to Space Pirates Everywhere
Gender Male
Race/Species Pirasaur (Pirasaurus cursus)
Faction Pirate Crew
Description 50% Similar In Personality to Captain Hook, Other Half Being A Determined And Rough, But Comical and Sore-Losing Fighter
Skills and Abilities Natural Dimorphism on Both Arms, Right Arm Complete With Crab-Pincer-Like Fingers With Slashing Claws, Tech-Eyepatch that Allows Enhanced Vision, Natural Raptor Agility, Reflexes, Stamina, and Speed, Acrobatic Ability, Adequate Cunning, Pulse Blaster, Vibrosword and Vibroknife, Pirate Crew Consisting Entirely of Dinosaurs, Bite of the Reekyockle Space Pirate Ship
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Pyrate Fyre Island, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Homeland)
  • Current Location Unknown
Alignment Morality Debateable, Though Leans Evil

Captain Lawsley X. Clawse is an Alternate UUniversal Pirasaur from Planet Ardalicron. He is a space pirate who was exiled and hated by both Ardalicron and Ovenga as a disgrace. He is seeking a name for himself as a proud and famous space pirate on par with legendary pirates like Captain Axxus, but throughout his entire pirate career, he has done nothing but fail in that quest to the point where he earned his name as a disgrace to both good and bad space pirates alike. Though despite that, his skills are not shabby and his crew are decent fighters, just not as good to be on par with the legendary pirates of old and new. He has so many recorded plans in store with making himself famous, including finding the boundless treasure of the long-deceased an legendary Captain Quaestor that has never been found since his death. He currently resides on an uncharted island on an equally-uncharted world and, just like Captain Hook, he is targeted by a crocodile-like creature, except this one, named Reef-Back, is what's known as a Reefyockle, a mythical sea-crocodilian with a back that accommodates a coral reef and camouflages himself as a small land reef islet ready for his dinner. Growing up, Axxus and Clawse were once dearest of childhood friends. However, Axxus wasn't ignorent that Clawse was the dipshit friend of this relationship and has gotten Axxus in trouble cause of Clawse being too cowerdly to own up to his own mistakes. He's even respondsable for getting the Golden Statue of Captain Rarxter dirty and left Axxus to clean it up and started the faithful rise of Axxus as a pirate lord. Even then, Axxus forgived him because "At least it was a benifital act of being an idiot". However, what ruined their friendship was because Clawse was captured by Rarxter's followers, and forced him to admit where Axxus and his family were located, forcing the cowerd to confess and expose his friend to danger for the sake of his life! Cause of this, Axxus at the time lost his wife and leaving him with his daughter. The mistake was something Axxus can no longer ignor, and denounced Clawse as a friend. Broken hearted, Clawse sworn to "win back (their) friendship" by becoming a famous pirate worthy of being akin to that of Hagry Moans himself. This had lead to Clawse's rise to "Infamy" as the joke of both pirate worlds.


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  • Frew- A rainbow-colored parakeet that is the bumbling comedic first mate and pet of Clawse and is similar in fashion to Mr. Smee.
  • Skelton- A M-400 Skeletron Drone who serves Clawse as he was first built by him when he was still a child.

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