Drake Caesar Oxidevius
Vital statistics
Title Captain Firedrake
Gender Male
Race/Species Red-headed rock agama (Agama agama)
Faction Independent Hero
Description Superanimal, Naturally Cold-Blooded In More Ways Than One Thanks To Abilities, Cocky, Determined, Relentless, Strong-Willed
Skills and Abilities Super-Strength, Super-Flight, Manipulates Fire, Smoke, Ashes, and Plasma, Sublimation Into Fire Or Smoke
Status Alive
Location Kratos
  • Firedrake, Nitrades Mountains
Alignment Good

Drake C. Oxidevius, AKA Captain Firedrake, is a Superior Red-headed rock agama lizard from Kratos. He is a lizard with pyrokinetic abilities who was raised by a family of pyrokinetic warriors who descended from an old village called New Pompeii until it too was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, causing the people to live in the volcano, which had become extinct since it exhausted all it's fuel following it's eruption, centering a large crater lake, calling it Firedrake, believing the eruption was caused by a dragon. Firedrake became the new vanguard of protection after defeating his evil brother, and thus became one of the best superheroes on Kratos. His signature move is his Dragon's Breath, where he unleashing a manipulative breath of fire from his mouth. He can also punch with flaming fists, he can eat fire and replenish his power, he can turn into fire, and he can use his pyrokinetic abilities in a variety of creative ways. He can also fly either by himself or as fire, has the strength of a dragon, he can manipulate lava, smoke, ashes, and plasma, he can survive powerful temperatures, he can . However, weaknesses include water and ice if he doesn't take the right survival tactics, putting out his own fires hurt him, and he can often be a little reckless and thus cause more harm than he intends.

  • MCode: FmSfSsSul


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