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Jovial Antlers
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Vital statistics
Title Captain Jameson Antlers
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Deer
Faction Sky Pirates of Equestia.

His own crew. The Sky Pirate King's forces

Description Strong, Though at times Clumsy and Comical, Hates Minotaurs
Skills and Abilities Expert Thief, Agility, Natural Deer Abilities, Sword Fighting Skill
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
  • Everfree Forest (Homeland)
  • Sky Pirate Isle (Current Residence)
Alignment Common Evil Pirate On the Surface, Something more on the inside

Captain Jameson Antlers, birth name Jovial Antlers, is an Equestrian deer from the same lands as King Aspen from the MLP comics who was one of the worst victims of the events of said comic, as his home was destroyed by the actions of Well-To-Do's land development, and he has since hated minotaurs, and left his home to cleaner and fresher pastures, finding it in pirate territory, where he has since lived his life plundering and pillaging with his own crew including a female Breezie first mate named Cutie-Pie-Rat who secretly has a crush on him, a pet Timberwolf named Shipdeck, and others like, A Four-Headed Mini-Hydra with three of the heads based on German, Russian and Chiense Personalities, the fourth just being mentally retarded named Hans, Nikolai, Fu, & Dummy, A Giant Tamatoa-Eqused Crab Creature with a Cannon mounted on his back with a heavy Jamacan Accent named Armadacious, An aged and bitter old war dwarf named Skyston Axe, a clumsy Goblin cabin boy named O'Shorty, A tamed Chimera with the heads of a phanter, a goat and a sea snake named The Plunder Trio, an ogre with a mean look and a master cook named Onion-Beard and his stupid Troll and Hobgoblin sidekicks Hob and Roll, A crow-nested broken eyed griffin named Screw Crow, A Weaken Tirek Eqsed Scroop-mannored Centaur named Pirus who often facepalms on how often Jamison doesn't take things seriously, A changeling who deviated from both hives known as Ocellus and her clumsy over-worring brother Cercus, an Ember-like Dragon named Topaz, a Peryton named Hollow Gem, a sentient Jackalope wrestler named Kickler, a traditional satyr named Bilbo, among others. He has done this for decades until he gets a good opportunity from Strong Will, a minotaur he plans to turn on because of his species, which is what rendered him to his life in the first place, not caring any less about his bad relationship with his brother Iron Will. However, dispite his behavior, he's not straight-forword evil, at least not Captain Blot or Captain Hook layers of bad, and that's true with his crew once you get over their "Quilities" in their personalities. That is true as he has proven to have a soft-spot for ponies, given that he has six adopted pony pony daughters, but a storm accsident caused him to be seperated from them, even when he was sure the lifelines were well secured, hence why he rarely raids pony airships and is often only a problem to Minotaur ships, though it's not to say he doesn't go after ships if it so happens to have a minotaur (or worthwhile treasure and potaintional crew/slave members), he just personally believes Minotaurs are the ones to be punished the most. He lives mostly in the pirate capital of Equestia, a flouting island ruled by The Sky Pirate King, who is Topaz's father, and was promised to be the position of the new pirate king once he retired, Topaz not being offered instead because like Torch and Ember, the Sky Pirate King doesn't feel like she's ready. Jameson also has an ambiton outside of punishing the Minotaur race, as he also looks for a lost golden city of Alicornia, the holder of many great treasures and talisments that would make his rise as the new Pirate King a shoo-in. Thing is, an envious mostly disgruntled partner of the Sky Pirate King, The Sky Duke, may aim to usurp Jameson's own dreams from him for his own desires.


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