Captain Jass Lamoon
Vital statistics
Title Guard Captain Jass-Lamoon, Captain Jass-Lamoon
Gender Female
Race/Species Atont
Faction Atont Guard
Description More Moral Than Her Father, Sympathetic, Hopeful, Faithful
Skills and Abilities Standard-Issue Electrospear, Standard-Issue Atont Armor, Natural Sting Venom, Natural Ant-Like Strength
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Anopolis, Selcron (Eta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Kunkasm System) (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Morally Conflicted

Guard Captain Jass-Lamoon is an Alternate UUniversal Atont from Planet Selcron. She is the adopted daughter of General Clail-Oxide. Unlike her father, she's generally kind and well meaning, but very obedient to him however and is very forceful to those that violate the law or gets in the way of progress for the Atonts reckindition. While understanding both the views of her father and Slebev-Sloa, she's abit more hopeful for includion for the race into the USRA. She's pretty much the closest guard actselly compident and morally sound, with Clail a closet racist and Oxide's Elite 6 not exactly a proper "Elite" under her father's control. The only guard she connects with is Green-beans, cause he doesn't inheredly support Clail's beliefs, cause they both know that, while universeal independence is ideal, life without the USRA wasn't exactly a very possitive exspearience, so they are forced to keep sideing with Clail until he finally mets a challnage he can't smoove talk his way out of.


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