Lamistan Vomström Bloodwater
Captain Lamistan.png
Vital statistics
Title Captain Lamistan, Curse of the Stargate, Many Other Names
Gender Male
Race/Species Seroentrosmor
Faction Independent Legendary Space Pirate
Description Curse-Based Spirit, Cybernetically Powerful Pirate
Skills and Abilities Arm Cannon, Magical Abilities, Ghostly Pirate Ship and Crew, Grand Strategist and Genius
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Crosstown, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Hometown)
Alignment Evil Spiritual Space Pirate

Captain Lamistan V. Bloodwater is an Alternate UUniversal Seroentrosmor from Planet Ardalicron. He is a member of a rare man-snake AUU race from an equily obscured planet, that is essentially the Captain Taiklar Blackheart of the AUU. He was such as an imfamous criminal and was also considered a legend through Grand Council cover up and only pirates and the modern victims of Lamistan knows he's real... Or was. Lam's imfamy finally caught up to him by a brave enough AUU police and an intense fight was taken place, eventually lead to his end. However, like Taiklar, his evil spirit lived on in a form of a speical curse he got from a corrupted user of Magilo that would enable him to return once some stupid greedy fool finds his most sacred portal device with malvolent intentions for greed, once so, he'll simply destroy the fool and resume his ambitions, this time, as an undead force capable to turn weak fools into his undead crew, basicly also making him the Flying Dutchman of the AUU. Only, with an even more dangerious advantage then both of those ghouls: Advanace tec and an unbelieveabily ruthless ambition not even the devines themselves would be able to stop. He is alot taller then his normal spieces standerds, is armed with a death gun, and still has funtioning venom glands, with only the change that they turned you into a part of his undead crew.


Lamistan was a sciencetist Seroentrosmor, from beginning to further down his life. Lamistan cared not for fame, popularity, not even to get a mate. He didn't even cared for having accquinences. Lamistan cared for nothing more, then science. He dreamed to become a great sciencetist. However, Lamistan blasted his own hand off with an exspearimental lazer cannon gun, and it cripserise his arm! He was horrorably embarrised and ashamed of his tragity. Many of his people and a sympathic would-be mate wanted to helped him, but he was too ashamed and anti-social from years of loving science only, that he ran away from his home planet! Never to be seen again. His ship ran out of fuel and crashed into Arca, in the near end of the reign of the Pirate lord Moonbeard. He was able to avoid many a pirate thanks to his intellect. He hides in a cave that sat high above a dark jungle. He replaced his arm, with the very cannon that destroyed his old arm, and a robotic arm. He studied the pirates, learned all their ways, all their customs, all their tactics, and how to counter act them. He was a fast learner who adapts quickly! Then one day, he came to challnage Moonbeard himself. He taunted and insulted the Pirate Lord into attacking! And Moonbeard obglied! However, Lamistan ultamately won, as Moonbeard was robbed of his position as the Pirate Ruler of Ardalicron and his life, and Captain Lamistan became ruler. He had all the pirates steal machinery from all over these UUniverses so he can make a device that would make him 'the most famous pirate of all time'. He was unable to finish it, when a new pirate rebellion against Lamistan demanded he get put out of power, and he was eventually replaced by the Pirate Council. Lamistan was banished to a planet that the Council has kept a secret even from future members. But on this planet, Lamistan was able to get a big enough crew, enough weaponry, and a big ship that would allow him to steal more machinery. He robbed metals, looted broken-down robots, and stole other weapons technology for his own use. Then, after months of committing piracy, he finally got his machine finished, calling it 'Lamistan's Stargate'. The Stargate was a large portal that used quantum energy derived from space to allow him to travel anywhere in the UUniverses, all with the use of a single holographic map of the UUniverses itself. He used this portal to roam every realm robbing worlds of their wealth and treasure. However, after 5 years of enjoying all his wealth, the USRA had found his location, and brave enforcers struck down Lamistan in a bloody duel to the death, taking all of his treasure into the Currency Troupe where it belongs. Since then, they had his Stargate buried in the depths of the planet's soil, and it was never seen again. No pirate has ever been able to find it ever since. It is rumored that 10 days or so before the very brave USRA forces challnaged him, he came to a lone, uncharted planet, housing a corrupted Magilo using witch, to seek eturnal life, even after death, so he can never be truely destroyed. But contaruy to the commen belief that he did it out of death anxity, it was far from it. He did it caused he logically caluated that, unlike Moonbeard, he knew the forces of the USRA are not fools. They'll eventally discover his origin planet, take risky undercover missions in Arca, and then eventally find Lamistan when he least predicts it. So, he desided to avoid being just another dead villain, he seeked the magic of magilo, but he know it's good side will never, can't ever, and won't ever be helpful to him, so, he turned to the darkside, seeking the corrupted witch, Skullera. But the witch intentionally neglected to warn him a catch. Once he dies, he can only be brought back only when some fool stupid enough actselly finds and uses the Lamistan Stargate, even if only for a quick test. In a way, when Lamistan died, he tecnecally stayed dead... In body. But the magic, forbidden his dark spirit to ever leave. Neither to go to paradise or damnation. His own crew followed suit, all doomed to be like this for enturnity, until a fool, seeks out the Lamistan gate. And the witch chose none other then Captain Rarxter, an easily corruptable imbacle who was the ansister of one of the revoluion leaders that got Lamistan out of leadership. Lamistan has been pretty much given enough future knowledge to prepare for anything, but would it be enough to handle a force greater then the USRA's enforcers?


  • "My Legacy and curse... It's more then just fairy tales and ghost stories... It's a reality."
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