Milky Corgey Waywords
Vital statistics
Title Captain Milky Waywords, Captain Milky Way (Non-AUUniversals)
Gender Male
Race/Species Carbungian Milking Devon Merf Bull (Merfum taurus domesticus)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Low Intelligence, Over-Trusting, Dumb Brute in an unfitting role of leader of a crew of bot pirates.
Skills and Abilities Natural Bull Strength and Charge, Powerful Heavy Guns, Powerful Pirate Ship, Half-Loyal Crew of Skeleton-Like Robots
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Farewell Lands, Tarvillion (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Wandican System) (Homeland)
  • Deadlund Bog, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Stupid, but Evil
Captain Milky C. Waywords is an Alternate UUniversal Merf from Planet Tarvillion. He is a very feared bovine pirate who is assisted by a crew consisting almost entirely of robots, saved for organic engineers and robot makers for obvious reasons, mostly the famed Ovengan-manufactured Skeletron Drone Series that most Ovengan pirates use in their crews. Milky is a very deadly pirate captain who was banished to Ovenga as punishment for a long record of raids across the neighboring planet of Carbungia for cold-hard cash. Banished, Milky has moved on to becoming a space pirate who raids worlds for cash. As infamous as he is, he's not what one would call, a complete genius. He always answers all problems with just "beating the crap out of it" like someone more worthy to be a generic brute then an actual leader, not helping that he's assentually an alternate cow named "Captain Milky Way", making him look like he should be laughable then a real threat had it not been for his brute force. That, and his sentient pet parrot creature First Mate Cookies are the only reasons why any self-respecting pirate would take this clearly moronic brute seriously. However, Cookies is clearly having great resentment of taking orders of an idiot like Milky, originally being a bird from Arca until she was kidnapped from her real owner to be forced to serve as a "Second brain" since his own isn't "Captain Material". Cookies has intentions to get even by reforming his crew into Arca ways and usurped the too-trusting brute of his title, helped by the fact that the organic crew has no love for Milky due to his abusive tendingcies and bully-like behavior, and that the robotic crew was programed to take Cookies' word more seriously then Milky on the account that the brute was "Not very good with robots". Both of these flaws will be the idiot's undoing.


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