Morrin Ammon Orgue
Captain Morgue
Vital statistics
Title Captain Morgue, Morgue
Gender Male
Race/Species Cemnopleurox (Cemnopleurox gondshii)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Cyber-Connected, Crazy, Glitchy At Times, Power-Hungry, Cunning
Skills and Abilities Cybernetic Composition Grants Various Abilities, Tail Tipped With Sai, Healing Factor, Flexible Snake-Like Body, Intelligent Scientist, Powerful Space Pirate Ship, Crew of Cyborgs and Robots
Status Still at Large
Location Zuzan, Breor (Delta Universe, Rasdano Sector, Discinsola System) (Hometown)
Alignment Corruted

Captain Morrin A. Orgue, AKA Captain Morgue, is an Alternate UUniversal Cemnopleurox from the Moon of Breor. He is an infamously rogue "Pirate Lord" and a deathly giant cyber-connected tapeworm-like creature with an appetite for mindless destruction. Formerly a sciencetist for Globex, he was obcessed with finding a way to cure the flaws of mortals and overcome death itself and to become immortal. He does this by turning into a Cyborgised being akin to Doctor Nefarious and used the machine to give himself "artifictal immortality". However, he made the mistake of using more then several faulty glitch infested microchips and already questionable and controverseal tec, that once activated, had malfuntioned and corrupted both the software and himself, apawn so, gave him the personality of a steriotypical pirate. He turned from inventor to pirate in litterally the same day he created his new body. He then as since has gone by the name "Morgue", cause that is where all of his victims will go to once he is done with them. The body indeed does work and he managed to live to see MANY events in history, he knew of Dr. Armalite Infernus, the falling of the USRA, the seeing of many wars, but before all that, he knew of the newly established pirate capital of the planet, Arda. Morgue wanted to become the pirate lord of the planet, but his obvious steriotypical nature was too off-putting for the more unconventional Pirate Council, and refused. Morgue warned that he will become the pirate lord of Arca yet. Morgue was actselly respondsable of giving Captain Lamistan the idea of making the "Lamistan Stargate" to both make Lamistan powerful and to get Morgue a promising position as Pirate Lord and ally to Lamistan. But the revolt lead by the ansister of Captain Rarxter and the Pirate council got in the way of it, as well as Lamistan's own crimes against Arca code. Morgue was upset he never caught up with Lamistan ever since, and even more when he discovered that the enforcers eventally gunned Lamistan down. Thanks to his mechinised body, he lived up to the point where he discovered that Rarxter found the stargate and unknowingly freed Lamistan, only for him to be defeated by misfits, and Captain Axxus and His Crew. He grew even more mad, but he also became intriged. Anyone capable to be a threat to Lamistan, and even the legendary Hagry Moans later down the road, is certainly worth of his attention, and he gained a plan that will benifit him well. His plan: to capture Captain Axxus after hearing of his legacy, and even make Sacen his wife and take over the entire AUU Currency Troupe along with his massive army of leftover gladiator robots. In doing so, he will become pirate lord of not just Arda, but of Ovenga as well, espeically since he has a huge status there as almost a celeberty. However, his only true snag in his perfect and calulated plan, is the offspring of two corrupt pirates he "properly punished" with death is hunting him down and threating to make him suffer a defeat like Lamistan and Hagry. His name is Csamar Frash.


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  • "Bow down, to the TRUE Pirate Lord of Arda! Bow, to Captain Morgue!"
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