Vylne Wiss Orelock
Captain Orelock.png
Vital statistics
Title Captain Orelock, Orelock the Revolutionary, Ore
Gender Male
Race/Species Long-Haired Egachen (Gigantoceratherium dolithrix)
Faction Revolutionary Space Pirate
Description Prone to Nostalgia, Enjoys Upbeat AUU Sailor Music, Prone to Underestimation, Massive Size Reduces Reflexes and Reaction Time, Mocking At Times
Skills and Abilities Resourceful Space Pirate, Massive Size Grants Massive Physical Strength, Armored Suit, Pet Junja Shark, Multiple Massive Space Pirate Ships, Cunning Strategist, Modifiable Chain-Sword That Can Turn Into Bladed Whip, Entire Pirate Crew
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Voyage City, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Hometown)
  • Lorängström, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Captain Vylne W. Orelock is an Alternate UUniversal Egachen from Planet Ardalicron. He is a very famous Ovengan space pirate who is one of the many that was feared. He started out in the same school that Captain Axxus was in, as the two shared a sour relationship. Orelock always liked to tease him, pantzing him, exposing his naked body to girls, doing crazy pranks, and so on. Orelock grew up hoping to become the next pirate lord. But what he did to prove he had what it takes ended up getting him in trouble. He pillaged an AUU Currency Troupe freighter and stole all of it's valuables and money. Because this risked the legacy of Ardalicronian pirates, the Pirate Council was angry and banished Orelock to Ovenga after settling the conflict, giving the position to Captain Rarxter (before he was corrupted by a dark Magelioan witch). Swearing revenge, Orelock built up an entire pirate crew on Ovenga, and it was actually easier than he thought considering his massive size. He gained a massive crew, and would eventually gain a massive battleship called the Day of Reckoning. It would only be a matter of time before he finally makes his move.


Coming soon...

Crew and Allies


To ensure that he is never stopped, Orelock got himself an entire crew that is about as strong as he is. They help operate the Day of Reckoning and make sure that it is kept fighting strong.

  • Brone Krammalich- An elephant-sized behemoth who, because he is almost as strong as Orelock, has become the first mate of his crew. Brone is a very strong fighter, using unique wrestling moves and uppercuts in a fight. However, he is not very bright, and not as good at coming up with strategies as Orelock is. Regardless, he is still the first mate because he is a born behemoth.
  • Mercer the Monster- A crocodilian who is the third-in-command because he is the third strongest. The guy is much smarter than someone like Brone, and had at one time tried to usurp him as first mate. But this egotism proves to Orelock that he is not a good person to have around as a second-in-command. He still keeps him around because he is a beast in combat.
  • Pol Va Ueek- A parrot-like bird who serves as Orelock's personal bird companion/bodyguard. While he is socially awkward, when he needs to defend his boss, nothing has been able to deter him. Especially since he is rewarded with peadit-butter crackers, his favorite snack.
  • Serova Shanthin- A bandicoot-like cyborg slasher who had lost her arm on the same day she was exiled to Ovenga. While her cybernetic arm gives her just as much strength as the captain, she is much more comfortable with 2 electric swords. She is agile and has a very hot temper. When she is angry, she will kill anyone that stands in her way quickly and violently.
  • Gyntu Gnawwer- A beaver-like mammal who serves as the saboteur of the crew. His durable teeth can cut through anything since his species was known for being pests. In fact, the discrimination resulting in that is what lead to him being an exile. He has since been showing how it really felt to be a 'pest'.
  • Sail-Backed Sarek- A sail-backed dinosaur who is noted for his marksmanship, and his venomous sail. He is a very strategic fighter, and he is not an easy adversary to tackle. He is also a master of stealth, hiding in the shadows for the opportune moment to strike.
  • Ossan Baqilin- A puffin-like seabird who serves as the scout of the crew, watching from it's crow's nest for danger. He is also known for his knack of blowing stuff up with his ordnance grenades with adjustable power levels, making him the demolitions expert of the crew.
  • Aqua Argan- A semi-aquatic ape who is not only the caretaker of Bloodbath, but he is also the crew's aquatic support. He is a skilled tactician, marksman, and swordsman who wields a vibrodagger and two energy machine guns. He is sometimes very cranky and wise-cracking, but he is still a good crewmate.
  • Zamira Gasumwell- A yellow-colored Gypsfly who serves as the crew's anti-magic defense. While she is very small, she has learned how to use her natural poison, which is only affective when she is eaten, to her advantage. She is a powerful sorceress who has been known to kill others with her power. This has allowed Orelock to easily allow her to join so he would be prepared to face magicians.
  • Ixtana the Intellectual- A bat-winged frog who serves as the brains of the crew. She helped build most of the defenses and machinery of the Day of Reckoning, and she does have an attitude that turns her into a sporadic fighter. She is mainly hit on by other members of the crew, yet she can easily show them what happens when you go too far.
  • Zuko Trigger- A flightless bird who is an extremely worthy fighter. He wields a curved sword and several firearms, giving him his nickname 'Trigger'. He is a very psychotic maniac who has been able to kill several adversaries no matter how many there were. While he was smart enough to make strategies, his anger can go to the point where he loses control and not think things through.
  • Bloodbath- Orelock's pet Junja Shark that he actually rescued when he was young. Ever since his banishment, the two have grown up to be very relentless killers. Bloodbath serves as the guardian of the water channels of the Day of Reckoning, and eats anyone that wanders into the trap doors that lead to his underwater channels.


Despite the fact that Orelock has a formidable crew, he still made friends with several other corrupt space pirates following his exile to Ovenga. These pirates have pledged themselves into protecting Orelock at any cost, and have even promised to aid him in his inevitable revenge scheme. Each of these pirates pilot very powerful ships that, while not as strong as the Day of Reckoning, are just good enough to get the tough jobs done. Orelock described all of his allies as a 'force as strong as an army', inspiring him that the only way to 'bring Ovengan justice on Ardalicron' is to declare war on them, and with all his allies, he is more than ready to handle it.

  • Captain Rasulum- A monitor-lizard pirate lord who was famous not only for his poisonous bite, but for the poisonous bites of his 4 children. These 5 lizards have been known to be extremely relentless fighters who had a ship and crew just as strong as their bite. Rasulum is an extremely tough fighter, and his marksman skills are legendary.
  • Captain Blackwood- A bearded primate pirate who lead an entire crew of monkeys and pillaged the strongest of banking systems. He was born on Ovengan as an orphan that was raised by monkey outlaws that molded him into a fearful pirate captain, naming him after his old black-wood stick which was replaced by an obsidian-colored sword. He is very rough on his robberies, and has been able to take down massive numbers of guards by himself.
  • Captain Althemis- A manatee-like pirate who was a genius in robotics, and had been exiled for trying to revolutionize the pirate community with cybernetic terrorist weapons. And in his work, Althemis has been considered just that: a terrorist who has been known for robbing an entire moon of it's money supply. He was luckily thwarted by Axxus following his new legacy as a hero, and all of his loot was returned to the moon. So it wasn't that hard for Orelock to convince him to join.
  • Captain Claw- A crustaceous cyborg pirate who was recognized for his cybernetic pincer which he designed to be his ultimate weapon. He lead several renegade pirates and looted several vulnerable banking colonies in the AUU. He was a selfish greedy jerk who has a brother that he swore he wouldn't kill for his obnoxiousness, especially since he was the one that cost him his old pincer in the first place.
  • Captain Carbonium- A lion-like pirate who didn't get banished to Ovenga at all. Strangely, he is an honorable and wise pirate, so he hardly has a reason to even be with the likes of Ovenga pirates. It's a debated mystery why he did it cause he never once acted out against the interests of the Pirate council and all of Arda. Rumors been spread around that he's really an agent of the Pirate Council himself to reform the Ovenga pirates to the ways of Arda through his strengh, his power and how admirable the loyalty of his crew is and most of all, his sense of honor. He was named after being as strong as the indestructible glass of the same name, especially since his ship had a circular viewport in the front composed of it. However, Carbon's honor makes him a slightly more questionable ally to Orelock because, in an odd stance for Ovenga Pirates, Carbon doesn't seem to exactly 'hate' the Pirate Council or the pirates of Ardalicron. In fact, he even surprisingly believes that it was being too greedy for their own good that got Ovengan pirates banished in the first place. But Orelock finds his honor too admirable to pass up and included him to convince more "stubbern" pirate captains to allied with him, making Carbon half of the reason why so many infamous pirate captains had join an otherwise complete stranger other then JUST because he's big. Not to mention that all of Orelock's allies, even the very dispecable ones, take him very seriously. Even Orelock's own crew like Carbon better then Orelock. Carbon is only listening to Orelock obviously because Orelock is very persuasive and forceful and is seemingly guaranteed for an actual victory, but Carbon is smart enough not to completely trust Orelock or have complete faith, knowing that "overcompident fools" like Orelock have been known to fail ultamately in the end. It may be possible that Carbon may be building up a mutiny to help overthrow Orelock.
  • Captain Solbamir- A handicapped bird cyberpunk pirate who's crew, like Althemis, has a crew consisting of machines. In fact, Solbamir was inspired by Althemis himself. One of his controversial experiments on Ardalicron not only got him banished, but it crippled him for life. But even so, he is still a worthy pirate.
  • Captain Quaticca- A semi-aquatic pirate thief who smuggles aquagens (substances that grant temporary aquatic respiration) across the AUU. Her crew consists entirely of semi-aquatic creatures, and the ship itself has 2 floors, the lower one being underwater and the top being land. She was valued by Orelock since her smuggled aquagens would be useful for their invasion.
  • Captain Supsher- A marsupial captain who was exiled for trying to use a group of corrupt pirates to overthrow the Pirate Council. He and his entire crew was banished, and they became good allies to Orelock so they can get vengeance. He also has 2 children who serves as his first and second mates.
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