Ginston Garrid Quaestor
Captain Quaestor (Spirit Form)
Vital statistics
Title Captain Quaestor, The Lord of All Pirates, Keeper of the Core Treasure, Lamistan 2.0., AUU Captain Flint (By Non-AUUniversals)
Gender Male
Race/Species Pale Corotaur (Corotaurus glauciris)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Naturally-Bad Eyesight, Anger Issues, Aggressive Fighting, Hard to Defeat, Deadly
Skills and Abilities Dark Magelio Abilities, Powerful Tech-Armor, Deadly Vibrosword, Tech-Eyepatch, Natural Durable Head Structure, Natural Strength and Durability, Rapid-Firing Guns, Spiritual Powers, Soul of Quaestor Ship, and Crew, Nearly Invincible
Status Long-Deceased and Spiritual
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Waverly Tides, Acanthrox (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Cilungo System) (Hometown)
  • Quaestor Prime (Location coming soon...) (Current Burial Location)
Alignment Hostile When Provoked or Disturbed (Villainious in Life)

Captain Ginston G. Quaestor is an Alternate UUniversal Corotaur from Planet Acanthrox. He was a rhino-like creature that is considered a demigod among pirates. Behind Hagry Moans, Quaestor is considered a pirate legend of his own right. He is famous for having a treasure hoarding legacy so great, even the richest pirate would look poor in compairison. He processes the Treasure Core, which is an entire planetary core covered with stolen treasure from all over the AUU inside an artificial mechanical planet called Quaestor Prime, as he stole this through a portal matrix that the local inhabitants of the planet consider sacred thanks to their servitude to the extinct Teadr 1 beings that built the planet long ago, considering Quaestor a demon for his tamperment of the matrix. Among that, he has multiple devices that are so incredibly advanced, Captain Lamistan's Stargate would look like an outdated piece of junk when compaired to it. Like Lamistan, he was cursed to be in a simular situation where he's a haunted skeleton forever haunting his treasure. Unlike Lamistan, it wasn't an intentional bid for immortality. Rather because of being betrayed by a cowerdly first-mate that betrayed and cursed him over Quaestor's poor ability to treat his crew members with decentcy, even to his main mates. However, like Lamistan, it was dark magilo in origin, but the difference is that Quaestor can only be put to rest when he faces and gets defeated by a soul of uncompromising breavery. As a result, he turned on his own crew army and turned them into skeletail beings, then proseeding to exsile his cowerdly crew mate to the worse pits of hell for his treachery, aiming to replace the niche of someone of equil cowerdess for him to abuse as he likes. Unfortunately, like Lamistan, the balled of his curse is deemed a legend and that everyone merely assumed that he died in an unclarifived way and that his treasure and magnifisent tec lay dorment in Quaestor Prime, which is being sought by many ambitious pirates, including Captain ClawseCaptain Von Reich, and soon enough if he wants to, Captain Axxus. Why? Because Quasetor was declaired the lord of all pirates in the AUU for his magnifisent wealth, and because of his "unclarifyable end", that means the niche is needed to be filled by the one aiming to claim his lost bounty and continue the legacy in a new generation, where all pirates will bow in respect and heed the whims of a new lord of pirates, as it is decreed in anichent Pirate Law, the pirate who claims the lost Treasure Core is declaired pirate ruler, and all pirates, even of Arca and Ovenga, will follow the rules and laws of what is assentually a Pirate King, which is basicly Pirate Lord times 9000. The Grand Council do actselly show concern for this as if a clearly bad or at worse typical pirate gets ahold of this treasure core, that could mean a new age of pirate pillaging, so perhaps it is why they declaired Axxus and his crew offitcal allies, as a means to make sure the position of Lord of all Pirates never falls into someone who would end up no different or worse then Quaestor in his golden days. While unafraid to punish anyone who dares disterbs him or even upsets him for being unworthy of his bounty, he has grown abit numb from his infamous ferosity (not to say that it no longer exists), and wouldn't actselly mind being defeated by a brave soul as he wishes to be free of his curse. That's not to say he'll wanna go down easily though, as pirate code dictates that any pirate, Pirate Lord or mere average grunt, wanting his tecnecally still owned status of Lord of all Pirates will have to prove their worth in a duel dubbed as "The Duel of Pirate Lords", where once defeated, he and any he cursed will be set free to the afterlife, or if the challnager fails, they'll be added to the lost souls Quaestor collected in his tortured legacy as a cursed spirit. That being said, he also has a legendary temper, espeically torwords cowerds in light of his history.


Captain Quaestor

Quaestor As A Mortal

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