Nirvene Orena Quaticca
Vital statistics
Title Captain Quattica, Aquagen Lady
Gender Female
Race/Species Commor's Striadon (Lineatursopus commorii)
Faction Independent Smuggler Space Pirate
Description Similar to Bellwether in Personality, Determined, Sneaky, Insulting
Skills and Abilities Semi-Aquatic Mammal, Efficient Swimmer, Doctor Blowhole-Like Scooter With AI and Touchscreen, Ocean of the Stars Amphibious Two-Floored Aquatic and Terrestrial Space Pirate Ship, Semi-Aquatic Pirate Crew, Two Self-Defense Rapid-Fire Blasters
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Voyage City, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Hometown)
  • Wurmwater, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Smuggler Space Pirate Evil

Captain Nirvene O. Quaticca is an Alternate UUniversal Striadon from Planet Ardalicron. She was once the Commerson's dolphin-like owner of a store that sold aquatic gear such as swimsuits, aqua-suits, underwater-breathing devices, and rarely aquagens (substances that temporarily allows people to breathe underwater). But when aquagens started getting popular, she ended up selling smuggled aquagens. When the Pirate Council discovered that she was selling these contraband substances, she was banished to Ovenga as her family business was then run by her adopted brother. Out of anger and revenge, she gathered up a crew of semi-aquatic animals as well as a few pet sharks, and became a pirate who stole aquagens and smuggled them across the AUU. Her ship is called the Ocean of the Stars, named after it's two floors, the lower one being underwater and the top being land. She was valued by Captain Orelock since her smuggled aquagens would be useful for their invasion.


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  • Flipping Niara- A semi-aquatic anteater who serves as the first mate of the crew. She is the most skilled of the crew, and commands the rest of the crew with an iron-flipper. She is not one to scare easily, yet she does have a good sense of humor that she hides from even her own captain.
  • Waddling Watum- A penguin-like pirate who serves as the scout of the crew. He is a very talkative and annoying bird, though he still knows when to be quiet and when not to. He is an excellent marksman and fighter who can sometimes screw up, but still stays since he is very good at his job.
  • Skipping Darr- A star-billed platypus who is a master martial artist, using his toxic spurs to incapacitate his enemies, and he is quick enough to dodge even gunfire. He is another scout who commonly has to watch over Watum to ensure he doesn't screw up.
  • Elijia Wichins- A sea muskrat who is aggressive and attractive at the same time. She has been known to actually kill flirters before, so hopefully the other members of the crew know to leave her alone. The only one who is brave enough to stand up to her, and even be a match for her is Raga, who is her species' natural rival.
  • Raga Thamber- A sea beaver who, though he appears to be helpless, is able to take care of himself through strategic fighting and agility. He is the only person to stand up against Elijia since she is his species' natural rival. He also does it because he secretly has a crush on her, which he knows that people would flip over since those two things wouldn't normally get along.
  • Aurax the Meniscus- An otter-like cat which is noted for being the navigations and tactics expert of the crew. She even pilots the Ocean of the Stars, and takes care of Quaticca's sharks. She is a very talented fighter who strikes very hard, and wields some vibrodaggers with quick reflexes.
  • Kicking Shreen- A semi-aquatic kangaroo who is a kickboxing master, as well as the bartender for the Ocean of the Stars bar. He is a very eccentric fighter, and has a bit of a retro personality. He can usually crack down with gangster slang with a blend of Australian accent, and he is not a good person to mess with.
  • Patch-Eye Gink- A seal-like plesiosaur who serves as the brains of the crew. He is very brash and arrogant, and will not take any jokes when he is doing his job. He is a very frightful person, and with his knowledge of physics and the inventions he has, he is not an easy foe to deal with.
  • Tho Qith- A semi-aquatic rabbit martial artist who serves as Quaticca's personal bodyguard. He is an agile and reflexive fighting machine, and he is not one to take jokes, feeling that they are pointless and only distract from the task at hand, often beating some sense into those who fool around.
  • Slaphappy Seach- A seal-like creature who is just as non-humorous as Tho. He is the fastest swimmer and fastest fighter who serves as
  • Jzake the Beast- a marine hippo who serves as the brawns of the crew. He is an insane berserker that really enjoys having to fight and beat up people, and even cracks with jokes every once in a while.
  • Quaticca's Sharks- The Ravan Shark pets of Quaticca which are very vicious and love Quaticca like a mother. They were illegally traded to her during her career as a smuggler, and she had since raised these 5 creatures to become the guardians of her ship's underwater chambers.
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