Captain Qwark

Captain Copernicus L. Qwark

Captain Qwark, who's full name was Copernicus Leslie Qwark in the original series, and sometimes called Qwark, and later Galactic President Qwark, who had also gone under many aliases, was a fraudulent "superhero" from the Solana Galaxy. At a young age Qwark was put up for adoption and raised by monkeys on Florana. Qwark never knew his family. At one point he attended the Kerwan learning annex. Although he was thought by most of the galactic populace to be a hero of the people he was actually a greedy coward who would do anything, no matter how immoral, to get publicity or money (though since the end of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal he had became much more moral despite being no less cowardly). He was also known to be somewhat stupid and didn't realize when he was being tricked or used. Besides overblown theatrics to make himself seem more heroic to the general public, the only thing he seemed to be good at was piloting ships although he did also have some physical strength. He wore green tights with a blue stripe down the middle and a blue and black atom with a lightning bolt that vaguely resembled the letter Q. He also wore a yellow belt on his waist and had an antenna on his head. Initially, Qwark was portrayed as the greatest hero of all time, however, he was nothing more than a "pretty-boy" endorsement fiend who received credit for acts of bravery that he had nothing to do with. He was known to double-cross his allies and work with some villains serving the likes of Chairman Drek, Otto Destruct, and Emperor Tachyon. However he later began to redeem himself, helping Ratchet and Clank stop Nefarious, the Loki, former Qwark fanboy Stuart Zurgo, and the Nethers.

According to the vid-comics in Up Your Arsenal, Qwark was twenty-six while in ninth grade.


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Role in the series

Qwark reprises his roll in the series. He is still a good friend to Ratchet and Clank, and he once tried to join the Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters. But before he could, he was elected Galactic President of his worlds. During this time, the Freedom Fighters thought more about his potential, and decided that, because of his knack at making scandals and his half-cowardice, he wasn't really qualified to join as they thought. His only main appearance so far is in The Revival of Cronk and Zephyr where he briefly joined in the anniversary of Cronk and Zephyr's apparent deaths.

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