Amther Iryen Rarxter
Captain Rarxter
Vital statistics
Title Captain Rarxter, Previous Pirate Lord
Gender Male
Race/Species Pale Uaraphant (Teterbrontus glaucos)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Cybernetic Right Arm, Golden Tusk, Cybernetic Left Eye, Aggressive
Skills and Abilities Natural Strength And Sturdiness, Horns and Tusks For Defense, Golden Vibrosword, Cybernetic Arm Grants Strength, Cybernetic Eye Grants Enhanced Vision, Durable Armor
Status In Princess Cadance's Reforming Monastery
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Voyage City, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Hometown)
  • Wurmwater, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Evil Residence)


  • Cadance's Reforming Monastery (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Captain Amther I. Rarxter is an Alternate UUniversal Uaraphant from Planet Ardalicron. He is an ex-pirate lord ruler where, due to an end result of a revenge skirmish turning bittersweet, has became a technological space pirate, where he became vengeful and resentful cause he was banished for trying to kill Captain Axxus for destroying his favorite golden statue by accident. While sometimes abit, surprisingly short-sighted, Captain Rarxter is a greedy and murderous pirate with a golden tusk, a cybernetic left eye, and a cybernetic right arm, which he lost both in a confrontation with Axxus after he seemingly took the life of Axxus' wife. He travels the AUU in his starship Golden Touch with his large crew of powerhouse Hexillas. He adores technology and gold, and will go to whatever lengths to get it. Since he "killed" Axxus' wife, they both had a rivalry with each other and constantly gets thwarted from hurting him by his daughter, Sacen Axxus. He is currently after an ancient portal called Captain Lamistan's Stargate, which will allow him to pillage the entire AUU. But what if there's more to Rarxter then pretty much straight-forword garden varity gold loving pirate going on?


Rarxter was born on Planet Ardalicron, the space pirate capital of the AUU, and when he grew up, he was destined to be a grand space pirate that would help fight off evil tyrants that extorted people for wealth. His experience in brawling off other space pirates and his success, while costing him one of his tusks, had made him the dominant pirate lord of the planet. He stayed that way for over 5 years and rounded up a massive pirate crew. But then one day, he ended up getting corrupted by a dark Magelio skull witch that turned him greedy, cruel, and a bit evil. Eventually, he challenged an Unotter named Axxus to a fight after he accidentally knocked over his golden statue, accusing him of him intending it, and that Axxus just happened to have a bit of an opinion against how Rarxter behaved only worsened the problem. Rarxter sentenced Axxus to walk the plank and get eaten by Junja Sharks. Little did he know that the Arcalidonian Pirate Council was notified of this by a Unotter female named Yases, and Rarxter was banished from Ardalicron for life, and threatened with execution if he should return.

Rarxter was angered for his banishment, and had sworn to kill Axxus and Yases for their actions. He had not only got some better upgrades for his spaceship, the Golden Touch, but he heard from his skull witch corrupter of a long-lost story about Captain Lamistan's Stargate, which the pirate himself used as a device that allowed him to roam the AUU stealing treasure, but what happened to him was unknown. So not only would he dedicate his life to destroying Axxus and Yases, as well as their newborn child, Sacen, but he would also build up a larger crew to search for the Stargate and use it to rob the AUU of it's treasure. Later in his life, he was able to get a curse from the same skull witch and used it on Yases and placed her into a death-sleep state that made Axxus think he killed her because he wanted to make Axxus look like an idiot since he thought it would be much funnier than having her killed. Though he also tried to kill Axxus, his daughter, who was also made his first mate, always protected him. His quest for the Stargate would ultimately lead to his downfall.

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