Istran Parsifal Rasulum
Vital statistics
Title Captain Rasulum
Gender Male
Race/Species Yellow-Throated Foethdont (Foethovernus chitriops)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Vicious, Aggressive, Abrasive, Deadly Father
Skills and Abilities Natural Regeneration and Bite Venom, Fast Running Ability, Lashing Tail, Two Extendable Laser-Shooting Plasma-Swords, Acrobatic Ability, Plasma Grenades and Explosives, Heart of Poison Space Pirate Ship, Entire Pirate Crew Including 4 Children
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Treeson Heights, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Homeland)
  • Deadlund Bog, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Space Pirate

Captain Istran P. Rasulum is an Alternate UUniversal Foethdont from Planet Ardalicron. He was descended from a long line of honorable and strong-willed pirate monitor lizards who's poisonous bites have become legends. After marrying another Foethdont, Rasulum had gone to raising 4 eggs. Unfortunately, his wife died after being stranded in an icy sector of Ardalicron, freezing to death and leaving Rasulum a single father, and in depression that turned into something darker and delfeupted a nastier attatude for it, taught his kids to be as fearful as he was. However, his rise to infamy came from his stride to become a valuable member of the Pirate Council. To do this, he challenged Captain Rarxter (Before his corruption) to a battle. After an "unexpected" loss, he was made a disgrace for his foolishness and greed and was banished to Ovenga, along with his children. Out of anger, Rasulum had learned to adapt with the beliefs of Ovenga's corrupt pirates, and became one of the most famous corrupt space pirates in the AUU. His children were made the first-fourth mates of his crew, and while his crew was not all big, he didn't need that big a crew since his fear came from the poison he had in his jaws. Rasulum is an extremely tough fighter, and his marksman skills are legendary. He travels in a ship called the Heart of Poison.


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  • The Rasulum Siblings- The first, second, third, and fourth mates of the crew and Rasulum's 4 children who make up the backbone of his crew. They are strategic and deadly fighters who have the same poisonous bites as their father, and each of them have their own unique skills.
  • Gutter Gola- A marsupial gorilla who serves as the brawns of the crew. He tends to be very destructive and intimidating to his captain's enemies, even going as far as ripping someone's head clean off. While he can be very violent, he is still an example of what makes Rasulum's crew so infamous.
  • Famber Smarts- An insectoid genius who serves as the brains of the crew. He helps keep the Heart of Poison in tip-top shape, he helps provide weaponry and power to the crew, and he even does some chores on the side. While he can be very oppressed due to being the size of a human baby, he is still useful for his genius intellect.
  • Iusan Inderite- A canine who was originally an Ovengan bounty hunter until she found a better career as a fearsome combatant for Rasulum's crew. She serves as the tacticians expert of the group, and she even does maintenance.
  • Bigon the Shredder- A koala-like dinosaur who serves as a marksman expert of the crew. He wields two powerful vibrokatanas and uses several equipment to defend his crew no matter what the peril may be.
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