Captain Ronan
Captain Ronan
Vital statistics
Title Leader of the Razor Feathers
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Razor Feathers, Griffin Mafia
Description Aggressive and Assertive Leader, Abrasive, Rough
Skills and Abilities High-Speed Flight, Dangerous Claws and Roar, Leading Figure, Efficient Military Training
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
Alignment Evil

Captain Ronan is a vicious griffin from Equestria and infamous leader of the Razor Feathers. He is a blue, white, and brown griffin with a fearsome reputation and is the fastest of his team and had been known for his terrifying roar. When he was young, he idolized the Wonderbolts and wanted to be just like them. And thanks to a military program which would form a police force to match the Wonderbolts, which was the Razor Feathers, Ronan became the captain. However, when they proved to put the Wonderbolts to shame, he refused to accept the disbanding of the Razor Feathers, and violently fought against them. Upon defeat, the Razor Feathers, and the shamed Ronan, moved on to work with the Griffin Mafia, where they would be Boss Grouse's most successful enforcers.


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