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Coraline Dade Scarldana
Vital statistics
Title Captain Scarldana, AUU Captain Scarlett (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Scarlet-Winged Schakket (Chromvenger erythpterus)
Faction Independent Pirate
Description Tough, Surprisingly Moral Than She Lets On, Tricky, Seductive, Clipped Flight
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Laser Sword, Acrobatic, Good Marksmanship, Trickster, Good Leader, Derecho Demon Hovership
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Brig, Wyrmwater, Vienus (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Captain Coraline D. Scarldana is an Alternate UUniversal Schakket from Planet Vienus. She is a parrot-like vulture and sci-fi pirate who cruises the dried-up land reefs of Wyrmwater which used to be an expansive reef until the actions of Awesome Jaxtom dried it all up into a forest of reefs. She roams these dried land reefs in her hovership looking for places to plunder and pillage. She is a rough and cunning pirate who, despite being crippled of flight by her own father before death, does well in her corrupt pirate business. Despite her criminal upbringing, she is actually just for a pirate, but is a very good trickster, carefree and tough as her father was from Ovenga and aiming to find the untapped treasure of legendary Ovengan pirate Captain Blacklock, who had previously looted a Uridian Vault and stolen an entire collection of powerful and dangerous devices, weapons, and Uridium. Living in the dried-up tropical island town of Brig, after finally obtaining the treasure of Blacklock, she decided to be a rogue Vault Seeker, seeking to find the Vault Blacklock found finding clues he didn't find all of what it had to offer. She attacked the Vault Seekers when they were looking for the Blacklock Vault, and she managed to open it first, only to be seemingly killed by it's guardian monster. But after the Vault Seekers defeated it and took the Vault treasures, she swore to find all the other Vaults before they did. But after years of pestering the Vault Seekers, she had to reform when Captain Tauncst, a Wgulody space pirate is also looking for all 88 Vaults like her, but instead for more nefarious purposes, in return for helping the Calyptus Twins, and finds that he intends to take over Ovenga as their new Pirate King with the Vault Tech he finds, fearing that Vault Technology in his hands is too dangerous. She gets help from the Vault Seekers, Shell Lodge Squad, Clayme, and Lady Aurlia to take him down and become a full-on ally for the VS. Her crew includes her pet Skirag Descoe, her first mate Sorgon Evie, her second mate Trat Sandel, a big-smiled Chissel bartender named Shad, a large former A-Sentinel bodyguard named Herter, an apathetic excitement-deprived Botter and cabin girl named Aubdrey, a muscular anchor-axe-mace wielding Sazawi named Big Depp, a powerhouse Sooseo named Buble, a perverted yet very reliable Surassa swashbuckler named Perbert, a colorfully-vulgar Amwiyle named Djanty, a strong yet cowardly Teagul named Worty, a strong and determined Peal named Mero, a strong and brutal Dreeg named Grendar, a carefree and passionate Creecock cook named Qemy, a crude and creepy Seaper named Deckster, an loopy and comical Igueen named Verry, and a scientist Plateg and ship engineer named Morion, and she sails her hovership, the Derecho Demon, across the dried reefs of her homeland, though much of her crew is killed by Tauncst, leaving Descoe, Evie, Shad, Aubdrey, Perbert, and Herter the last of her crew alive. She is the AUU version of Borderlands Captain Scarlett.


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