Captain Sea Bittersweet
Vital statistics
Title Sea-Bitter, Captain Sea-Bitter, Bittersea, Captain Bittersea
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Equestria Education Association (Formerly)
Description Pegleg For Unicorn Horn, Mental, Grudge-Holding, Rough, Cranky
Skills and Abilities Stunted Magic With Magic Enhancer Peghorn
Status Alive
Location Equestria
Alignment Insane
Captain Sea Bittersweet is an Equestrian Unicorn who hails from Manehattan from a long line of taffy-making ponies, leaving to pursue his own path and becoming a member of the Equestria Education Association as a form of community service as he dreamed to be a pirate, a very unhonest life of living, as he was told that he had to be better than that, especially since that very incident didn't just wreck Poney Island (Equestrian Coney Island), where his family worked, but it cost him his horn as he was hunting The White Horn Sucker, a giant albino literal leafy sea dragon that eats unicorn horns to add to it's magic abilities. But under the request of his sister Sea-Salt, he begrudgingly retired when the group disbanded, as he truly wanted nothing to do with them. Freed from this 'boring job', Sea-Bitter was back to being what he wanted to be, but actually became a sailor, seeing 'pirate' as a stretch. He still sought the White Horn Sucker seeing that he has a score to settle with it. He was even close to doing it as well, and had the giant monster in his clutches until he was thwarted by Ace Spix's crew, who accidentally hit his ship in the fog investigating what the noise of a distressed creature was, causing it to escape. Angry at the crew for ruining his one chance, he forced them to help him kill it by blackmailing them via revealing to everyone in Equestria, including The Storm Clan, that he and Brutus Ararauna were still alive, and since their former captain Captain Celaeno was involved in The Storm King's death, they would surely go after them to finish the job. Forced to do as he says, they were in debt with Sea-Bitter and shanghaied into his cause, and even found themselves kidnapping sea beings like seaponies and merponies to aid in his quest.
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