Greginola Spimme Sludgers
Vital statistics
Title Captain Sludgebeard, Sludge, Captain Spacepod
Gender Male
Race/Species Qollion
Faction Independent Pirate Conqueror
Description Unsanitary and Unhygienic, Ruthless, Mentally Challenged, Malicious, Deceitful, Dangerous
Skills and Abilities Natural Race and Cephalopod Abilities, Master Pirate Captain And Conqueror, Silver Tongue, Strategic Mind Somewhat Obscured By Insanity, Elastic And Malleable Body, Color-Changing Abilities
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Qollon (Location coming soon...) (Homeworld)
  • (Current location unknown...)
Alignment Greedy Evil

Greginola S. Sludgers, AKA Captain Sludgebeard, is an Alternate UUniversal Qollion from Planet Qollon. He is a Space Squid-like alien being similar to the Tiikons, being technophiles and had a war with the Tiikons during the Interwar Period, as he was known to be a technophilic pirate that wished to steal technology as a kind of currency and conquer the pirate life as the AUU knew it, taking over pirate colonies across the AUU until he was stopped by the Pirate Council of Ardalicron and robbed of much of his power, making him an average pirate who swore to make his crew powerful again and get revenge. He has crossed paths with Captain Axxus once or twice, and aims to kill him as the pirate lord. However, to this day, the Pirate Council has always been there to ensure he never got this far. However, he later crossed paths with the Clam Lounge Squadron, and hopes to make a fortune and a conquering living with their Oxydome, while forcing the heroes to join his crew, until they were rescued by Captain Axxus and his crew, especially when finding something that'd allow him to steal all treasuries in the AUU.


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Coming soon...


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