Bohan Jurgen Solbamir
Vital statistics
Title Captain Solbamir
Gender Male
Race/Species Clookatoo (Galldius clooka)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Paraplegic, Crazy Intelligence, Cybernetic Eyes and Helmet, Hoverchair
Skills and Abilities Scientific Intelligence, Cybernetic Eyes Grant Highly-Enhanced Vision, Flies Through Hoverchair Fit With Weaponry and Defenses, Vehemence Space Pirate Ship, Crew of Robots
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Voyage City, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Hometown)
  • Lorängström, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Captain Bohan J. Solbamir is an Alternate UUniversal Clookatoo from Planet Ardalicron. He is a handicapped cyberpunk pirate who's crew, like Captain Althemis, has a crew consisting of machines. But unlike Althemis, his crew consists only of robots, and only one cyborg. Also, Solbamir was inspired by Althemis himself. He was one of the many people who worked in the same business that Althemis did. He was working on a cybernetic experiment that would boost pirate capabilities. The problem was that this particular experiment meant that everyone be a cyborg. When the experiment ended up crippling him and reducing him to a partial cyborg in the process, he was banished for trying to turn everyone into cyborgs. As a result, he became an ally to Captain Orelock to aid him in his quest to declare a pirate war on Ardalicron. He flies in a spaceship called the Vehemence.


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  • Sokka-264- A gynoid combat robot built by Solbamir to be his first mate. She is a very rough fighter who wields an energy staff and has active camouflage.
  • Toxon-34- A scorpion-like combat robot that has a long flexible tail that comes with biological spray gun that shoot a corrosive acid or poison. He is an agile and reflexive fighter which has just the right equipment to win over it's foes.
  • Buster-461- A large robot the size of a grizzly bear, and has incredibly-large arms for immense strength and strong attacks. He was originally a heavy-labor robot which was stolen and reprogrammed by Solbamir to be his brawns.
  • Commander Com-Bot- A large commanding robot who is responsible for leadin Solbamir's other com-bots. Each of these com-bots wield different kinds of firearms, and are very versatile, and when combined as an army, they are deemed unstoppable.
  • Strikeback- A spider-legged humanoid robot who was formerly a com-bot until it was upgraded with agility and speed. He is just as versatile as the other com-bots and was fitted with active camouflage.
  • Craniox- A brain-pod robot who serves as the brains of the crew. The brain originally belonged to a deceased Globex genius until the brain was harvested to be the power source of Craniox. Craniox keeps the Vehemence working and works on several combat technologies, especially on other robots.
  • Berserko-PX- A flying 6-limbed robot who was just as vicious as Bug's Life Thumper. He was quick, reflexive, vicious, and his metallic roar had terrorized even the bravest of Arcalidonian pirates.
  • Xrane-X634- A large robot which is almost as large as Buster. He is noted for his hand cannons that packed enough power to kill in a single hit.
  • Roborahna 23-60- A robotic piranha which guards the Vehemence lower aquatic areas. It kills any organic creatures that it sees as a threat to it's master.
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