Strood Nusty Supsher
Vital statistics
Title Captain Supsher
Gender Male
Race/Species Hirlon (Carnophilion ophicaytus)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Aggressive and Scarred All Over, Abrasive, Mean, Mildly Autistic, Disguised Cybernetic Arms and Legs, Nearsighted
Skills and Abilities Synthetic Prosthetic Arms and Legs Grant Enhanced Acrobatic Ability and Strength, Accurate Marksmanship with Tech-Lens, Armatage Weaponry, Vibroknife and Vibrosword, Naturally Agile with Prehensile Tail, And Lightweight Flexi-Armor, Ultimatum Space Pirate Ship, Pirate Crew
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Rivertown, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Homeland)
  • Bloodshot Falls, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Space Pirate

Captain Strood N. Supsher is an Alternate UUniversal Hirlon from Planet Ardalicron. He is a Tasmanian-devil-like aggressive and monstrous pirate who had serious anger problems and was a complete jerk to others. After this personality lead to him getting into a bad crop with the Pirate Council, he wanted to make them pay by using a group of corrupt pirates to overthrow them. Luckily, he was stopped by Captain Axxus (Before he defeated Rarxter and Foul Cheese), and this resulted in the Pirate Council banishing them to Ovenga for their crimes. On Ovenga, Supsher and his crew became fearful space pirates, and Supsher was made infamous for his sadistic and cruel behavior on others while doing his job. They even became good allies to Captain Orelock since they both wanted revenge on Ardalicron and Axxus. Supsher flies in a ship called the Ultimatum, and even has 2 children who serve as his first and second mates.


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  • The Supsher Twins- The captain's son and daughter who serve as his first and second mates. As with their species' nature, they do have sibling rivalries with each other, and they are both talented sword fighters. They are also quite acrobatic like their father.
  • Slicemaster Shaud- A thylacine-like creature who is known for being another acrobatic swordsman, and is also the girlfriend of one of the Supsher Twins. The two have been seen having private business making out with each other, especially while waiting for a mission. Shaud is an extreme beast in combat, wielding two vibroswords and several fusion grenades.
  • Rustbucket Rau- An okapi-like donkey which is known for being an engineer for the crew. He is sometimes very sarcastic in his work, and often aids Csain in taking care of the Ultimatum.
  • Buck-Toothed Tebulse- A ringtailed squirrel who is the demolitions expert and saboteur of the crew. He is not mentally stable and will always take the time to blow things up. He is very agile and rough in a fist-fight.
  • Sabmo the Rambunctious- A saber-toothed synapsid who is a very versatile combatant, learning how to use any kind of weapon he comes across, and is very strategic. This makes him the assistant to Navin.
  • Swiftwing Gasben- A bug-winged hummingbird-like creature who is the aerial spy for the crew. His size makes spotting him very difficult, and he is also the personal pet to Supsher.
  • Smartsoul Navin- A seabird who serves as the tactician and strategist of the crew. He is a master at fighting off enemies, using any weapon he comes across with swift elegance.
  • Big-Arm Bacdane- A crocodilian who serves as the brawns of the crew. He is a very tough fighter who is not so easy to fool, having been known to tear another crocodilian in half with his bare hands.
  • Crafter Csain- An amphibian who serves as the genius of the crew. He is the one who provides the crew with machines, and even takes care of the Ultimatum.
  • Lilim the Mage- A lizard magician who serves as the crew's source of magic. She is a very ruthless fighter, and has been known to place life-ruining curses on people who mess with her captain.
  • Navigator Bathit- A semi-aquatic kangaroo-like creature who serves as both the aquatic scout and the navigations expert of the crew. He is also the one who pilots the Ultimatum across the AUU.
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