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Taiklar Merrick Blackheart
Vital statistics
Title Captain Blackheart, Keeper of the Loot of 100000 Realms, Keyblade Pirate, Scourge of the Keyblade Wars, etc.
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Independent Ghostly Keyblade Pirate
Description Deceased and Ghostly, Insane, Clever, Murderous, Sadistic, Cunning, Dastardly
Skills and Abilities Dark Keyblade Powers, Ghostly Abilities, Undead Crew, Portal Machine (Formerly), Large Ghostly Ship, Shapeshifting Abilities
Status Deceased and Currently A Ghost
Location Destiny Islands (Homeland and Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Captain Taiklar Blackheart is a notorious keyblade wielding pirate from Destiny Islands who has the power to shapeshift. Many years ago, he plundered so many worlds without getting caught by the authorities. As the raids and pillaging continue he hid his massive plunder in a mountain on an island where he called his treasure the Loot of 100000 Realms. For many uncounted years after Taiklar's death, the Loot of 100000 Realms lay hidden on that very island while many pirates searched for it, among them is the primate Captain Blot who posesses Taiklar's Map and needs a keyblade weilder to unlock a secret door in the mountain of the island that leads to the treasure (Which would explain why Blot wants Kairi to become a part of his crew along with Spyro). Because of never being found, The High Council made Taiklar a myth, and the rise of Science helped cleivy that, and that the pirates seeking him are considered delusional and zealotious fanatics, because the council was ashamed that they failed to stop Taiklar sooner back in the Chernibog times. Taiklar was then killed by the late purple sea dragon, and doomed to become a ghost ever since. Much of Taiklar's origins and what happened before certain raids in the Seas of Captain Legend is much left undiscovered, unclear, and unknown.


The Spirit of Taiklar Blackheart

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