Fredrico Von Reich
Vital statistics
Title Captain Von Reich, The Reich Captain, Searcher of the Core Treasure
Gender Male
Race/Species Bulknose Ceterior (Cetamegadontus bulikin)
Faction Independent Space Pirate
Description Cowardice, Charismatic, 'Killing Virgin' (By his Young Pirate Mates), Limited Achievements
Skills and Abilities Master Silver-Tongue, Natural Semi-Aquatic Capabilities, Armored Suit, Sharp Teeth, Cartoonishly Capable Of Walking, Deadly Vibrosword
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Blea Bea, Toroid (Epsilon Universe, Ulcram Sector, Pobawa System) (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil

Captain Fredrico Von Reich, or mainly just Captain Von Reich, is an Alternate UUniversal Ceterior from Planet Toroid. He is a pirate captain who is quite a villain of a pirate that is searching desperately for Quaestor's treasure and is infamous for his murders and the evil things he does to get it. However, while the desperate thing may be on the money, Von Reich isn't what his infamy cracked him up to be. While still guilty of more then his fair share of dick-moves, "his murders" are mainly by his crew, as in truth, Von Reich is actselly a pretty gutless cowerd that is afraid of the sight of blood and gore and many other violent traits normally assusiated with piracy, which in hindsight should be one of the last ever career choices for someone of his obvious weaknesses to take. The only reason Von Reich managed to aquire this undeserving status instead of being like either a cabin boy or just a sqwabby who mops the ships or even just a mere slave, is because what Von Reich lacks in proper pirate bravery, or even, surprisngly, strength for that matter, even dispite his size, is combinsated by charmisma and a talent in "fabercations" as he calls it, or just straight up lying to everyone else. Because of these talents, he managed to loll a blood-thristy crew to work for him as he painted himself as this "Legendary Pirate" Badass who promises to make himself the long awaited new lord of all pirates by aquiring the Treaure Core of Quaestor, where with it, by pirate law, Von Reich will become the lord of all pirates in the AUU for claiming the biggest and legendariest treasure ever hoarded by any pirate. However, like any overly ambitious fool, it will be servely costly to Von Reich in more then his true colors being reveiled. Now in spite what was priorly said, that isn't to say he's afraid to fight, though he mainly prefers to either fight in groups or when he has his crew to back him up in a one-on-one duel should it start to lean against him, but his impressive mastery will quickly fly out the window should he ever be alone with something or someone he knows he doesn't stand a chance against. In prior days before he became a pirate, he was actselly an accountent for the AUU Currentcy Trope who quited to persue the adventurious career of a pirate because he was bored out of his wits from his normal job. A desidtion he'll soon regret.

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