Oc possessed card of spades by sojourneroflight-d4nvtxn

A Card Soldier Heartless

Furious at the Queen of Hearts for continuing to have such worthless minions in the form of the Card Soldiers, Mirage has decided to ally with Ansem Seeker of Darkness to capture many Card Soldiers, extract their hearts, enfuse them with darkness, and thus transform the darkened hearts into a new kind of Heartless: the Heartless Card Soldier. These new warriors of the Villain League are both fearsome and numerous, as they can multiply their numbers if they are slain with a weapon that is not a keyblade. These Card Soldier Heartless now serve as the bulk of the Queen of Heart's card army, with the original cards being resigned as mere servants around the castle, and the Jabberwocky now serving as Mang's pet despite only pretending to be a dumb animal to hide its true nature as a Darkspawn lord. However, when the great cycle crisis happened, they were easily malmitulated by Xehanort to be used as the bulk of the heartless invadion forces, and were commanly encountered in the realm of darkness and the rechanged world that never was. When Xehanort was finally defeated, the Card Soldier Heartless armada had reverted back to the normal idiotic card soldiers as his influence over-them faded, and the leage desided they're better off that way, wanting to avoid anything to do with Heartless, Nobodies, and the Unversed for awhile.
Oc possessed card of hearts by sojourneroflight-d4nvtp9

Another Card Soldier heartless

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