Card Soldiers

Some Card Soldiers

The Card Soldiers are the Queen of Hearts' elite minions who serve her and the Villain League fiercely. However, this is mostly due to the tremendous fear they have of her rather than loyalty.


Alice in Wonderland[2]Edit

Three card soldiers appear as Alice makes her way into the garden of The Queen of Hearts. She finds them painting white roses red. The cards explain that the white roses were planted by mistake, and that they fear beheading if the mistake is not remedied. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Alice offers to help them. Soon however, the Queen appears, and is shown to be angered more by the paint that by the white roses. When none of the cards confess to the "crime," she orders them all beheaded. The three soldiers are then dragged off by other cards.

Other cards act as croquet hoops, when the Queen challenges Alice. The cards openly cheat to allow the Queen to win; they move so that the Queen's ball goes through, but also make certain that Alice's does not. One card does not get to his spot in time, and so he is taken away to be beheaded.

During Alice's trial, anonymous card soldiers act as Alice's guards. The surround the defendant's box, and block Alice from getting out. Later, they chase after her as ordered by the Queen.

Role in the Series

The Card Soldiers were recruited into the Villain League in order for Mirage to gain more soldiers for her growing armada of darkness. they are said to be soon replaced by more fearsome heartless versons, while the original card soldiers became mer servents and slaves.

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