Carly B. Corsairis is a Superior Corsac fox from Kratos. She is a fox from Glare City who used to be the girlfriend and inspiration of Foxtrot Foy until he accidentally caused her father and pregnant mother to be murdered via not stopping a crook as petty revenge for not getting paid what he deserved from a con artist. Thus, they broke up, and she had since grown into later being an agent for the corrupt and selfish black ram Super Ops Law Adviser named Theodore Klumuss. Though after almost having her revenge on Foy, her betrayal gets her sentenced to community service with a very mean and inconsiderate elderly Superior. Foy discovers through his psychometry that she wasn't mind-controlled by Theodore like he had hoped, as she merely did it out of her own choice because, since her parents were killed, she had little trust on unlicensed vigilantes, and thus joined Theodore's crusade against such, albeit having to contend with Theodore's own interest of not letting criminals be easily forgived in Kratos. Thus, she would never forgive Foy no matter what circumstance proved otherwise, and while she accidentally gives Foy a new love interest in the form of Corsac fox criminal scientist Wendy Epiphany, she would grow into being the arch-nemesis of Foy's new hero team, The Foxtrots. Her powers include super-strength, super-flight, teleportation, telekinesis, ghosting, force-field generation, and electricity manipulation.

  • MCode: ElmFfgGhSfSsTkTpo

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  • "What, do you WANT, Foy?!"
  • (Offended Scoff), You seriously think that Theodore brainwashed me into helping him, JUST because he so happened to have the power?! Are you SERIOUSLY hoping it was THAT easy and that I'm just a helpless damsel to you!? YOU IDIOT?! I helped him at my own free-will?!"
  • ".... Look, it was nothing against your little friends, Foy. They were clearly otherwise nice people. I was only trying to honor a deal with Theodore. If I agree to make it that criminals in Kratos are not worth forgiving and lead to the cancelation of rehab programs, then Algor would look like an idiot and Theo would look good and become new leader, who would then repay my service to him, BY BANNING UN-UNIFORMED HEROISUM?!"
  • "Oh like you didn't already know from last time, let alone the FACT YOU READ MY MIND, that I did it because..... You gave me reason to believe that the only kind of hero that should be trusted, is one in a uniform. Vigilanties like YOU have proven countless times that they can't be the best shorce of protection?!"
  • "I AM NOT IGNORENT ABOUT HOW DISPICABLE YOUR PAYER WAS?! THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND?!..... It's just.... Real heroes, are not suppose to be biased to who they save. By letting the "Asshole" Payer to get robbed, you let a legit criminal get away! That's like saying that Spiderman should let James Jameson die because of him being a starch critic! That's like saying that Batman should've let Robin kill the murderor of his parents in the animated series because of obvious reasons! Heck, that's even like how Superman should kill every villain he meets because it would garrentie a better future in the eyes of an absolutest! What I am saying is, even if this "Asshole" was a die-hard Kemisum believer and has said the most disgusting, morally inexuseable speech about Grouch, he should still be worthy of the kindness of being protected from being robbed! Because letting a worse evil get away with a crime, even if it's on another evil, will lead to people suffering!? And that's what happened Foy..... You let a mugger rob from your lousy boss, and he murdered my parents out of the blue?!"
  • "You can say their deaths were an accsident all you want, Foy. It doesn't change the fact that you INTENDED their murderor to escape, just because his victim happened to be someone you thought deserved it! Look, I get it, you were unfairly cheated and that's fine, but..... Did my parents, REALLY HAVE TO DIE, just so you can be ironic to some asshole?!"
  • "..... As glad as I am you do regret everything, it doesn't change anything between us. You still proven that vigilantie heroes can't be trusted, dumb luck, accsident or otherwise. And as soon as I am DONE babysitting this miserable old fuck, I will join forces with Superpowers Unlimited, and side with Ms. Rightra, who offers me a chance to encourage such a change!"
  • "Oh don't get me wrong, she does support SUPER POWER rights. But only on the powers. Before she became a Super-Power Rights advocate, she was also a very rounchy critic to letting vigilanties do whatever they want and has aimed on restricting them in favor of Uniformed Heroes. And that part of her existed enough to consider me as a new ally, just enough, to earn my support. Yeah, thanks to you convincing Algor that I was a victim of Theodore, I am empowered to be a real help to someone who KNOWS what they were doing?! I mean, nothing against Theodore, but I wasn't THAT much of a fan of never forgiving criminals, though I can't say I'm a true hater. But my real beef was with vigilanties! Because you gave the mugger some leeway, he ended up killing my parents, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T STOP HIM, JUST TO PUNISH SOME, DISHONEST DOUGHEBAG?! And whether or not he intended it or because of the mugging was going wrong and he paniced, it makes no difference?! My family is dead reguardless?! Mother, father, and my would've been baby sister?! GONE?! BECAUSE SOME ASSHOLE WAS BEING AN ASSHOLE TO YOU?! The criminal may've been the one who had the gun, but, YOU, are the one who killed my family, Foy. You killed them, by letting a criminal go, because you wanted to get even with a dishonest conman?! You can say that your the victim of the sisters of fate being cruel bitches all you want, IT DOESN'T HIDE THE FACT THAT, YOU.... You ruined everything we were working to atthive. Everything, is your own fault. Now, do yourself a favor, wake-up from this fanasty about me being your Mary Jane Watson to your Marty Stu of a Spider Man, go back to your friends, AND LEAVE, ME, ALONE?! Because the next time I see you, THIS BROOM, WON'T BE ENOUGH TO CLEAN UP WHAT IS LEFT?! NOW GO?!"
  • (As Foy leaves in sadness)..... "(Gets a sad face....) I'm sorry Foy, but it must be this way. If I won't put an end to Vigilantie Irrespondability..... Who will? (Cries onto her broom in sympathy worthy sadness.)"
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