A carnotaur

The Carnotaurs are the main villains from Dinosaur, and serve as the co-dragons to Scar's clone, Dread.


The Carnotaurs aren't exactly evil, but they are known as antagonists because they hunt Aladar and all his friends in Disney's Dinosaur. They kill several dinosaurs in the herd including Bruton and Kron. Two Carnotaurs (a male and female, presumably) follow the herd along their journey to the nesting grounds. This, eventually, leads them into their doom.


The first Carnotaur to die is presumably the female, due to the fact it is the smaller one that dies first. Bruton crashes her into some rocks and the cave collapses on the three of the dinosaurs. Bruton and the female are both killed but the male, the larger one, survives and lives. As he exits the cave, he roars with anger because of the death of his mate. He then carries on hunting without the female and tries to seek revenge. He eventually finds Aladar with the herd and prepares to kill them all, Aladar first. But the herd fights back and make the male back off to let them pass. But the battle isn't over. The male then spots Kron, the strict and brutal herd leader and follows him as he climbs a slide of rocks. When Kron gets to the top, he finds himself standing at a sheer drop with sharp rocks at the bottom. The Carnotaur has him blocked. Kron fights him, but loses. The bull male bites him and throws him onto a rock and kills him. Aladar, who also manages to get to the top, fights the Carnotaur and manages to defeat him by butting him over the edge and the Carnotaur falls. Aladar looks over the edge and sees the dead body of the male Carnotaur.


In real life, the Carnotaurs lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, 70 million years ago, and hunted prey just like they do in the movie. But they may have been a little smaller than the Disney Carnotaurs. Their name means "carnivorous bull." It may have been called this because of, not only its diet, but its small horns above each eye.

Role in the series

Originally, Carnotaurs protrayed as the main villains of the story with Fagin and Arthur and Cecil, his mortal nefpews as requested from Tman. But Scroopfan had other plans, as he made a new Spore character to be the real Big Bad of the movie, the Carnotaurs were relegated to mere big mooks of this new character. Of course, Scroopfan made the new character exactly like Scar in personality and design, but with a new twist. The result was Spore's newest villain, Dread. also, he thought the Carnotaurs seem to primal to be villains, acted too much like simple creatures to be declared evil, which why Dread corrupted them to be justiviveable to be villains.

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