Carrie Baron
Carrie the Caribou
Vital statistics
Title Captain Carrie
Gender Female
Race/Species Barren-ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus)
Faction Leader of the Anti-Cold Heart the Sadistic Resistance
Description Stunning Beauty, More Collective Than Her Adoptive Father, Daring and Strategic
Skills and Abilities Acrobatic Skill
Status Unspecified
Location Rise of the Guardians World Canada
Alignment Good

Carrie Baron is a beautiful, acrobatic, and talented Canadian caribou who worked as the leader of an arctic resistance against the ice-cold evils of Cold Heart the Sadistic. She is the adopted daughter of the resistance's former leader, Duke the Caribou, who was discharged as leader due to his arrogance, harsh punishments to some of Cold Heart's snowmen, and his lost sense of better-judgment. Duke had since been the second-in-command while Carrie would try and make sure the resistance didn't go too far. When she was young, a magical dwarf cast a spell on her that would allow her to use magic without the need of hands or unicorn horns. Though what came with it was the side-effects where, outside of an altered appearence and strange coloring, she was made twice as beautiful, and she often had to deal with flirters for it.


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