A specific battle in the second war.

The cartoonian wars are epic battles fought between the High Council of Elder Gods and the Dark Spawn Armada.

The first war took place about 4 billion years ago (When Real-life Earth wasn't born yet), and lasted until one thousand years ago. Here, Chernabog led the Dark Spawn, as well as some demonic predessesors to the Mill-a-crabs, to battle against the High Council, but was defeated in battle by the Gray Wardens and wizard alliance.

The second war began when Mang fell under the power of Malefor, became Rasputin Cobra with the Dark Spawn amulet, and used it to free the new Dark Spawn lords in order to begin a new war. Shifu reluctantly was forced to fight off agianst his old friend and apprentice, and won the war by becoming the first wielder of the Kingdom Key to bansih Cobra into Madagscar, and send the new Dark Spawn back into the Banished Realm.

More information on each of the various wars can be found on their separate pages.

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