The lougers hav been asked to guest star in a new hit series "CASTED OFF", It's a wild endurence game show where contestents on a curse ship play outrageious games and obsickales for incredable prizes, and the Ponies, The dragon riders, the jungle crew, Scorpo, Wain, Ororo and her friends, Axle, Tavin, Alister, and Xenon are in this as well. however, it is all really a trap set by Mike Foulcheeserson and Derek Glidester, who join forces to rid themselfs of the lougers and those who allied with them, and hired the former child star Celebery Tod McTrain, who wants to seek venegce on the lougers for becoming more famous then him....... However, Would they be able to pull this off, if Discord and Black Kat were NOT to intervein and ruin their revenge plans.

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