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The Calamity Objects, AKA OF-478, original names unknown, are a series of 20 magical artifacts that are thousands of years old. They are widely renowned for their transdimensional capabilities. The name 'Calamity Objects' was given to them due to their abuse by Bill Cipher in ancient times, who aimed to use these objects to leak his Nightmare Realm into as many worlds as he wished, causing so much deaths in the process. Their origin location is specified to be The Bestiary Dimension, and was originally pitched to have been created by Bill Cipher to be dimension-manipulating relics. These relics are capable of summoning from other worlds or realms and even transporting to and from them. There are only a small amount of these relics left outside of Outer Force containment, but they are all capable of conjuring from across the multiverse.

OF File


Object Class: Euclid-Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of OF-478 are to be collected immediately upon any possible proven discovery and held in a specialized room created from quantum-based substances designed to negate their powers and prevent immediate use. They are to be kept monitored by security at all times. No minor-class personnel are to be within the containment cell of the OF-478 instances unless authorized by high-class consent. The use of these relics is to be handled with extreme care and flawless understanding of how they function. Certain relics of OF-478 are to be monitored more than others, as all the instances are numbered by danger level. Each relic is given limitations as to their usage. Under no circumstances outside of the required situations are the relics to be removed from containment.

Description: OF-478 is the designation of a collection of 20 ancient relics that are dated to be thousands of years old and show magical capabilities. Certain relics are noted for possessing amphibian-themed decorations and embroidery. Each relic is numbered and designated from OF-478-1 to OF-478-20, all based on the level of power and what danger such power can pose for the user and their surroundings. As of 2020 onward, only 2 of these artifacts have yet to be found.

OF-478-A to OF-478-G is the designation of seven multi-colored gemstones that can be placed within sockets on each artifact. Upon inspection, these gemstones appear to be quantum-based, and seem to respond to one specific virtue. Testing has determined each virtue required for these gems. However, their coloration is based upon the charge of energy from these virtues. Uncharged gemstones have no coloration. As of 2010 onward, only 4 of these gemstones have been recovered and labelled by virtue. When inserted within the artifacts, each one requiring a specified type of gemstone, they have proven to be the source of the relics' power and capabilities.

Usage of the relics for research purposes has determined the capabilities of these relics. However, all gemstones must be fully recharged in order to use the relics. Research has indicated that the magic these artifacts used are transportation or quantum-based, as provided the sufficient amount of energy, the relics are capable of controlling reality. This has lead to the theory that the artifacts were created for the sole purpose of interdimensional magic. However, as of their discovery, the objects, with their magical capabilities noted, are to be under vigorous and constant debate and research.

The first instances of OF-478 were located around several worlds in the (REDACTED) Universe. Many of the OF-478 instances were sold on the Void Market, and confiscated immediately upon the discovery of OF-478-13 and OF-478-14 at a restaurant called (REDACTED) on (REDACTED). Further investigation has pinpointed the locations of the other relics. The proprietors who purchased the relics were given Class-A amnestics afterward. In 2020, OF-478-2 was discovered in the possession of (REDACTED) in a world called (REDACTED), where the architecture and culture has at first lead agents to believe that this world are their point of origin. Reports on the location of OF-478-3 have been reported in the world of (REDACTED) and in the possession of (REDACTED), (REDACTED), and (REDACTED). As of March 22nd, 2021, (REDACTED) has returned to Earth #(REDACTED) while (REDACTED) remained with the (REDACTED) and (REDACTED) is in critical condition following the attempted conquest of King (REDACTED) of (REDACTED). Locating (REDACTED) and her (REDACTED) companions has yet to be completed.

Addendum-1: Notes were discovered on (REDACTED) 2020 as to the true nature and function of OF-478 instances in a Void Market corner in (REDACTED). This has allowed Mobile Task Force C-95 ("Plain Jumpers") to locate and contain all artifacts with little trouble or resistance. However, the files on OF-478-1 to OF-478-3 have been scratched out, leaving their locations a mystery. However, upon their transport to Site-(REDACTED) in (REDACTED), this has caused the disruption of (REDACTED) operative (REDACTED) to have mental seizures, indicating the instances of OF-478 have had history with OF-10000, indicating the origin of the designated names of OF-478, the 'Calamity Objects'. As such, under no circumstances is operative (REDACTED) to go near OF-478 instances. But as of 2020, (REDACTED)'s success in capturing OF-478-2 have reduced the mental seizures.

Addendum-2: Later research on the origins of OF-478 instances drawing their connections to (REDACTED) and OF-10000 has concluded with concrete evidence that the true realm of origin for the OF-478 instances is the (REDACTED), and its true creator is (REDACTED), though it is still being researched on whether or not OF-10000 had commissioned for the creations and is simply trying to take credit simply because of its self-serving nature. There is also speculation that OF-478-1 is held within (REDACTED), but such speculation at this time is currently inconclusive due to the unreachable nature of (REDACTED).

Addendum-3: Further research reveals that the OF-478 instances have been utilized for countless generations, many of them creating what can be described as '0-Calamities', which are a class of 0-Brave, or rare individuals with enough courage to take on cosmic beings, that have used OF-478 instances to travel to different worlds for many purposes. Many prophecies have been made through their use as a result. Their multiversal-control capabilities have offered these 0-Calamities limitless abilities. These kinds of 0-Calamities have been categorized through the Gemstone that they embody, such as 0-Calamities of Power, Lead, Will, Wit, Heart, Strength, and Harmony. They have been categorized in classes that can be implemented as codenames:

  • Canna (0-Calamity of Power)- The class for a 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Power and the abilities they grant.
  • Zinnia (0-Calamity of Lead)- The class for a 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Lead and the abilities they grant.
  • Dandelion (0-Calamity of Will)- The class of 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Will and the abilities they grant.
  • Iris (0-Calamity of Wit)- The class of 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Wit and the abilities they grant.
  • Lotus (0-Calamity of Heart)- The class of 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Heart and the abilities they grant.
  • Gladiolus (0-Calamity of Strength)- The class of 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Strength and the abilities they grant.
  • Phlox (0-Calamity of Harmony)- The class of 0-Calamity who represents the Gem of Harmony and the abilities they grant.

Instances of 0-Calamity have even been recorded as using the full potential of the Gemstones. These 0-Calamities are called 'Pure 0-Calamities', who are noted able to harness their respective Gemstone's power to gain a massive boost in physical capabilities, superhuman prowess, and the notable change of coloration in hair and eyes. The abilities granted by the Gemstones are heightened as well. But there are instances of 'Impure 0-Calamities', in which the 0-Calamities' connection to the Gemstones can turn into a weakness, thus hindering their ability to perform, and making their power unstable and likely to hurt more than intended. For example, a 0-Calamity of Power can have their own power used for harm and think of themselves as too dangerous, a 0-Calamity of Lead can take their leadership too seriously or doubt their ability to handle the responsibility of leadership, a 0-Calamity of Will can find themselves too desperate and overconfident that they can do something that is even too much for them, a 0-Calamity of Wit can overthink themselves, a 0-Calamity of Heart can have their own kindness used against them and thus view it as a weakness, a 0-Calamity of Strength can have a fear of coming off as weak in the face of adversity or see violence as the only answer, or a 0-Calamity of Harmony can find themselves in doubt due to circumstances or terrible upbringing. 0-Calamities have also been observed capable of sharing their power with others, and yet there is no limit or restriction as to who can wield this power, whether good or evil, so long as they possess pure power, lead, will, wit, heart, strength, and harmony.


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There are 20 Calamity Objects in total, and each have been numbered by the power and potential danger they pose. Each of them possess all or a limited number of 7 multicolored gems that each have to be powered by a specific virtue. These seven gems are derived from emotion-based aga (mana crystals) to serve as a lock to determine one's worthiness to wield the power the Calamity Objects possess. Each of these gems also have a specific type of ability or abilities:

  • OF-478-A/Gem of Power- Red- A gem which can be charged by one's abilities and using said abilities correctly. This gem can give the wielder the ability to increase their physical strength, reflexes, endurance, speed, and additional abilities, can decrease their need for sustenance, and can grant them unlimited stamina.
  • OF-478-B/Gem of Lead- Orange- A gem which can be charged by one's ability to act in a responsible and honorable manner. This gem can give the wielder the ability an increased ability to perform and lead, the ability to think and make decisions quicker, the ability to act on them personally, and bring out the best of themselves.
  • OF-478-C/Gem of Will- Yellow- A gem which can be charged from one's unwavering willpower and persistence. This gem can give the wielder the ability to resist pain, heal wounds and injuries quicker, grant them the ability to regain stamina quicker, and get them fixated on doing a job flawlessly.
  • OF-478-D/Gem of Wit- Green- A gem which is harnessed by one's intellect and strategic instinct. This gem can give the wielder the ability to see and show multiple possible futures, think and process information at a rapid rate, the ability to sense corruption and lies, take advantage of weakness quicker, increase their intelligence and wisdom immensely, wield anything they see, and give them reactive learning adaptability in dangerous and progressive situations.
  • OF-478-E/Gem of Heart- Blue- A gem which can be harnessed by one's willingness to protect people and care for them to the best of their ability. This gem gives the wielder the ability of increased empathy for both people and animals, charm, persuasion, mental health, adaptive physical prowess based on the situations, more control over emotions allowing for a variety of enhancements, the ability to cast rehabilitative or advantageous illusions, and even increased selflessness.
  • OF-478-F/Gem of Strength- Pink- A gem which is harnessed by one's endurance in their own goals and how much they can pull through. This gem can give it's wielder the ability of increased strength to Herculean levels, invincibility, immunity to death and injury, higher experience, the ability to inspire people and enhance an entire army, increased determination and hardiness, and the ability to replicate or predict the abilities of their opponents just by watching them.
  • OF-478-G/Gem of Harmony- Purple- A gem which is harnessed by one's motivation for friends and allies to pull through. This gem gives the wielder greater social health, heightened morality with redemptive results, can be shared with other people like a hivemind increasing their effectiveness, allows for shared emotional, physical, social, and mental connectivity, and an unpredictable ability to offer any remedy when enough care is administered.

These seven gems serve as the conduit for the capabilities of the 20 objects:

  1. OF-478-1/Crown of Calamity- Missing- The most powerful but also the most potentially dangerous of the Calamity Objects that gives the wearer the power of all Calamity Objects, including the ability to restore and summon them. However, this crown requires the right amount of concentration and experience to use to it's full potential. Not many have successfully wielded this crown's full power without dying. This crown harnesses all seven gems.
  2. OF-478-2/Scepter of Calamity- Contained- A scepter that is capable of drawing magic from infinite realms. This scepter was wielded by the keepers of the Calamity Objects for ages, and it allows them to call upon anything from the multiverse, whether it be monsters, weapons, magical artifacts, and potentially even worlds. This scepter harnesses all seven gems.
  3. OF-478-3/Box of Calamity- Missing- A music box with frog inscriptions that is capable of transporting wielders across worlds and dimensions, and even potentially controlling reality itself favorably for the user. This box harnesses three gems: Wit, Heart, and Strength.
  4. OF-478-4/Necklace of Calamity- Contained- Also called the Jewels of Calamity, this is a frog-themed necklace that contains all seven gems and is capable of creating any kind of geology when all gems are inside the necklace, and can even manifest aga of any kind from The Magic Realms. These jewels can be removed so that one gem can be wielded for it's power inside a portable ring, making it useful for more than geology or mana crystals.
  5. OF-478-5/Statue of Calamity- Contained- A large buff toad humanoid statue useful as a powerful golem warrior for those who wielded the Calamity Objects including their keeper, but the entire statue can be completely destroyed except for the butt, which is currently contained. It can regenerate itself from any stone or form of statue composition it comes in contact with. This statue harnesses 4 gems which are on the back of the butt fragment and on the chest when the statue is fully restored: Power, Will, Heart, and Strength.
  6. OF-478-6/Gauntlets of Calamity- Contained- Also called the Boxing Gloves of Calamity, they are a pair of gauntlets that can offer all enhancements from every realm in the multiverse, making the wielder potentially unstoppable. Both these gauntlets harness 4 gems each: Power, Lead, Will, and Strength.
  7. OF-478-7/Clam of Calamity- Contained- A powerful embroidered clam with frog inscriptions, who calls itself Venus, that can birth any kind of creature from any kind of creature provided the right samples. These creatures, however, come out as babies and yet rapidly age to the age of the one the samples came from, to where it ages at a normal rate. This clam harnesses all seven gems, but the creature being made depends on one or many of each gem, as each gem adds imprinting upon the desired creature. For example, fully-charged Power gives the creature increased physical health, great stamina, and a lower metabolism, fully-charged Lead gives the creature an alpha leader boost and a lesser reliance on instinct, fully-charged will makes the creature relentless and ambitious, fully-charged Wit grants the creature increased intelligence and even sentience, fully-charged Heart gives the creature a companionship instinct with it's own kind or imprinted family, fully-charged Strength gives the creature great strength and durability, and fully-charged Harmony gives the creature a care for all creatures and it's own world, as well as a great self-awareness.
  8. OF-478-8/Checkerboard of Calamity- Contained- A multi-colored checkerboard that is capable of virtually generating any kind of game throughout the multiverse. It also once served as a personal charging unit for the gems of the other Calamity Objects by being a portable temple.
  9. OF-478-9/Belt of Calamity- Contained- Also called the Underwear of Calamity, it is a pair of undergarments that resemble a chastity belt and can create any kind of protective gear and clothing from across the multiverse. What type of armor can be produced depends on the state of the gems. This belt harnesses all seven gems.
  10. OF-478-10/Rubik's Cube of Calamity- Contained- A Rubik's cube with a mind of it's own that is capable of unlocking anything and solving any riddle across the multiverse. This cube harnesses 5 gems: Lead, Will, Wit, Heart, and Harmony.
  11. OF-478-11/Koi Pond of Calamity- Contained- A living pond controlled by seven magical, sentient, telepathic and fifth-dimensional Japanese koi capable of creating any kind of scenic setting from other realms. They are all capable of relocating their own water somewhere else, and can even teleport. Each Koi is named after the seven gems that are embroidered on their heads and patterned with the kanji: Beki (冪, Power), Sho (将, Lead), Hai (伾 Will), Rei (怜, Wit), Shin (心, Heart), Gi (毅, Strength), and Wa (和, Harmony). They can speak, but only via telepathy.
  12. OF-478-12/Calamity the Movie- Contained- A movie inside a case with frog inscriptions that has the movie on all compatible types that tells the history of the Calamity Objects and the history of their use. The movie harnesses all seven gems. This movie also serves as an instructional video for the Calamity Objects and their gems.
  13. OF-478-13/Wooden Spoon of Calamity- Contained- A wooden spoon made of some kind of otherdimensional wood with frog-themed carvings that is capable of delivering food from infinite realms. When used to stir, and given one single sample ingredient, it will produce the desired food. On it's hold, the spoon harnesses 4 gems: Will, Wit, Heart, and Harmony.
  14. OF-478-14/Teapot of Calamity- Contained- A teapot with frog inscriptions that is capable of pouring beverages from infinite realms. When given the right samples from the right dimension, the pot will produce the desired beverage. This teapot harnesses 4 gems: Will, Wit, Heart, and Harmony.
  15. OF-478-15/Thunder Egg of Calamity- Contained- A rainbow-colored geode with frog inscriptions carved on it's rock crust that is capable of creating any kind of wealth from all over the multiverse. It harnesses all seven gems which are contained within itself.
  16. OF-478-16/Chamber Pot of Calamity- Contained- A chamber pot with frog inscriptions that can give fertilizer from any kind of realm for any kind of cultivation purpose. The chamber pot requires soil, fertilizer, or fecal samples in order to work, and if given a sample from the right dimension, the soil or fertilizer produced will be suitable for crops from any dimension. This chamber pot harnesses 5 gems: Power, Will, Wit, Strength, and Harmony.
  17. OF-478-17/Sink of Calamity- Contained- Also called the Dirty Sink of Calamity, this is a self-piping magical sink with frog inscriptions capable of recycling matter across dimensions by draining them to where they come from. This relic was crucial for preventing excessive matter displacement. It could also be hooked into one's indoor plumbing, allowing it's properties to be used in other sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, and could have very useful hygienic uses. This sink harnesses 5 gems: Power, Will, Wit, Strength, and Harmony.
  18. OF-478-18/Bra of Calamity- Contained- A metal-laced bikini with frog inscriptions that is capable of creating any kind of fashion piece from infinite realms. This bra can also be used to alter appearance and be useful as a disguise for one and the people they want disguised as well. It can also cure ailments to fit the desired appearance. This bra harnesses 5 gems: Lead, Will, Wit, Heart, and Harmony.
  19. OF-478-19/Canary of Calamity- Contained- A fifth-dimensional domestic canary bird that is capable of translating everything across the multiverse, but also granting the ability to speak and understand the desired language. It is, however, the size of a human. The bird harnesses all seven gems on it's back, and the desired knowledge of the language is based on the gems that are powered.
  20. OF-478-20/DVD Player of Calamity- Contained- A DVD player with frog inscriptions that is capable of playing any movie from all over the multiverse when connected through a cable. This player harnesses 4 gems: Power, Wit, Heart, and Harmony.