Dundee Grayson Phenomenon
Vital statistics
Title Catalyst, The Ultimate Supervillain
Gender Male
Race/Species Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)
Faction One Of Vilecraft's Most Successful Creations
Description Superanimal, Experimentally-Unstable To Mentality, Feral Nature, Tragically Held Back, Destructive and Murderous
Skills and Abilities Natural Crocodile Abilities, Gets Stronger When Feeding Off Of Energy From Conventional/Energy/Nuclear Weaponry, Near-Invincibility, Super-Strength, Super-Flight, Blaster Breath, Super-Longevity, Reactive Adaptation, Self-Detonation, X-Ray Vision, Regenerative Healing Factor, Psychic Shield
Status Imprisoned in Tartarus Valley of Kratosian Arctic
Location Olympia, Kratos (Hometown)
Alignment Scientifically-Corrupted Soul

Dundee G. Phenomenon, AKA Catalyst, is a Superior Saltwater crocodile from Kratos. He was a former bully who was ultimately wronged to the point of being bullied himself to the point where his girlfriend and friends left him, and thus he sacrificed his life by signing up for a voluntary experiment by a mad supervillain black-tree monitor named Vilecraft, who aimed to create the ultimate supervillain. Feeling there was nothing to live for, he took the pain of every single experiment until he lost much of his sentient intelligence seemingly permanently, and was injected with the powers of much of the most powerful superheroes on Kratos, and dramatically increasing the dosage of each source, increasing the strength and power capacity a hundred fold. Thus, Dundee was transformed from a wronged humble victim into the deadliest supervillain on Kratos until Grotch Prometheus arrested Vilecraft and locked away Dundee into the frozen Tartarus Valley awaiting a cure. But Vilecraft soon escapes and rebuilds an adequate criminal empire, hoping to find and release his creation on an unsuspecting Kratos and establish his success, unaware that Dundee was overwhelmed by the power that he lost his sanity and sympathy entirely, thus he was programmed at an experimental level to kill anything he deems a threat to his existence. To this day, Vilecraft has never found his creation yet, and a cure for Dundee's tainted condition has yet to be created. He is similar in raw power and ferocity to DC Doomsday. His powers include near-invincibility, super-strength, super-flight, blaster breath, super-longevity, reactive adaptation, self-detonation, X-ray vision, a healing factor, and a psychic shield.

  • MCode: BbHfIvPshRaSdSfSlSsXrv


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