In part of a series of complincated planning, Xehanort created a series of Heartless/Nobody/Unversed to serve as his peers to seek out the Great Cycle, and it has started ever since he brought forth Heartless (Night Fury) to collect the ingredients he needed, and the creation itself infected the very people who brought him it, Grimoors' Parents, which lead to the other inhabidents ot berk to be exposed of the leaking keyhole he was respondsable of having Heartless break. The likes of Heartless and Jing Du and Ding Ju however, were but prototypes of a much greater plan he has in the works, something slightly more stronger then literal sentient heartlesses. This disincludes the likes of Heartlesses created by Heartless the Night Fury and the original Organization XIII and most of the other canon villains, and in a sense, Bad Po, cause this concerns things actselly and directly created by Xehanort and not things that formed cause of his creations, for they quilify as Victims of Xehanort's deception or were formed indepently or had little to no complete involvement from him.

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