Equestians are ponies (and other creatures) from Equestia. Dispite being harmless and cute looking, Equestia has a surprisingly dark history of tragity and woe and choas and seems to prone to have a new life altering threat on a regular basis. Equestians have a surprisingly compex religen about harmony and peace, friendship most of all, that has been an establishing trait ever since the Windiego reign. Some doubt the powers of friendship, often universeal beings who in their socities, friendship is just a pet name for an allience, and it is not often destin to last through any way possable. Some are often surprise that some of the most imfamous evils ever are from a world of colorful ponies. Some outside universeal beings became "Bronies" (if male) or easily respect their existence cause of the fact the show ended up becoming surprisingly popular with an audience outside of the expected female/little girl intended audience. Aside from a few rouges or outsiders of harmony like Pred Judu Des, ponies seem to be capable to find harmony even to the most supposingly dangerious of mythical beasts, even that of dragons (depending on the indevidual dragon itself).

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