Hypocrites are people who claim or pretend to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs. At the least worse, hypocrites are ironical to their goals, though their hypocrisy can serve several purposes depending on what they claim. Examples including Lord Shen, who knows blade-centered Kung Fu yet aims to get rid of it for the sake of conquest, and King Candy/Turbo, someone who is guilty of 'game-jumping' yet hates the idea (though possibly saying so to keep his cover). Often, they are also dishonest con artists in terms of who they are, for exsample: King Corbos, Someone who agreed to fund the Grand Council to fight against the VA with a secret weapon, yet flat-out WARNED the very people he funded against just for the sake of petty revenge against Headmaster Warson and his ansistery, Sourball is member of the Galactic Federation and claims to be devoted against terrorisum, yet is guilty of aiding it by basturdising a weapon needed against the very thing that was once almost destroyed by it for the sake of avenging a terrorist brother, as well as the fact he was truely a nasty fuck even before the misfortune happened and all it did was made him worse, The Dark Trinity aims to fight off tecknowagy being introdused to unready beings and worlds by savitoshing it to begin with, White Widow wants to liberate the animal world from humanity, yet has an extreme hatred for Penguins for a small amount of individuals standing up to her and has an appresiation for things like some of their songs (primarily that which her animal kind from her world have adapted to), Freddy Fried Khicken hates the idea of chickens being consumed and yet is guilty of commiting the act of cannibalisum, General Clail-Oxide acts postive about joining the USRA but is secretly racist to anything non-Atonts, Grimoors the Nasty Mouthed hated dragons yet kept one (yet wanted to abuse it for the purpose of killing them), Shamus von Phantomarge is xenophobic mistrusting to normals yet plotted to turn Superiors into them in meaning to protect them against discrimination and from their secrets being misused, and would threaten death dispite being a pasifist, Archduke Londus Shoralke views himself an honorable being and yet is guilty of shady doings, Celery Salad as a Vampony wanted to rid Equestia of being afraid of being sick, yet tecnecally her methods are ironicly akin to a vampiric outbreak, Cold Heart the Sadistic is actselly more akin to a well-intentioned but still dark fallen hero then being 100% on what his namesake is, General Grandfather Clock is unimaginely strict against altering time for even the greater good, yet is guilty of that himself once, Governor Foul Cheese hates pirates, yet was secretly working with an enemy of one pirate that was giving him the most issues, and Mayor Maximillion banished Wajinga for having magic yet has a mother who was a dark witch. It varies whether they're aware of their hypocritcy or not, but because of this, people tend to frown on those not honest about their life sytiles.

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