Insecure Villains are villains that are not really evil; in fact, many villains are insecure and lash out at the world in an attempt to assert themselves. These villains are very similar to tragic villains and can overlap with attention-seekers, but the defining characteristic of an insecure villain is that they are lying, in many ways, both to themselves and others. Alternatively, an insecure villain is a villain who acts in a homicidal way due to severe pain suffered by some tragedy. Sometimes, they are victims of bullying or severe abuse by someone even more evil than themselves. Usually, these villains just need a friend or loved one, other times they need acceptance, yet it is also common for an insecure villain to simply be too far gone and absorbed in his or her own troubles to accept (or want) help. Ironically, many insecure villains can also qualify as an Arrogant Villain. These villains suffer from what is called a "Superiority Complex" where they feign arrogance, egomania and narcissism to hide their flaws from others and, more often than not, themselves.

By definition, a Complete Monster can never be part of this category, spefificly if they are aware of what they're doing is wrong and are unbashiedly proud and unashamed of themselves and most of all, if they feel secure about themselves enough that even if they do have some anxity at some point, it no longer exists in them.

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