The Mothrons are moth-like sentient beings of dark angelic properties who are the guardians of dark. Formerly your avergae moth alien race, the birth of corruption coming from those who wished to have the power of light all to themselves gave birth to these beings, who thus started a war against the Lightflies to claim all that they had. To this day, they still fight in their never-ending war and neither side has a winner. The Mothrons inhapit the planet Obscuro, which is an extreme oppisite to the utopian beauty of the Lightfly planet, where because of being so far away from the Sun to the point of it never being able to reach it, it's no surprisingly a dark and periolious wasteland. It has nothing but monsterious and carnvious wildlife and a select few plants that were magicly altered to survive without sunlight, though at the price of these plants becoming equily hostile as well.

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