The Snake Tribes are six known tribeal races of "Snakeinoid" beings, the Rattley, the Rattlesnake beings that thrive in hotter areas of the planet, the Vipires, vampiric viper-beings that grown a surprising appresiation for the cold and are the only snake-beings that regulate their blood to cold to warm, the Crazbras, a race of almost comicaly obsord cobra beings capable to make their bodies do weird things, even turning their tails into propellers, Black Mambaians, asentually the planet's Amazons, being an asexually reproducing all female race who perfer the wildness and solice of the jungles of Skabbis, Cospiters, the laid back but battle-hardy swamp livers that are asentally often or not, the planet's "Rednecks" in some speaking, and finally, the planet's dominate race, the forest living, imperialistic, council ruled race called the Contraiters, a race of boa, python, and anaconda-like snake beings. Ordenary Snakeiniods are bipedial beings, while entrusted leaders (Mainly kings in 5 of the six tribes with the Black Mambaians as exceptions) are made to have a Naga like appearence to deminstraight their decidive force to the rest of the snake tribes.

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