Season 3.1

Season Three First Half Poster

A colladge of the Season Three Episodes (The ones Avaluable at the time of this image's uploading) (Will be updated by MSM for any new Poster.)

Because Season 3 is becoming massively bloated with episodes in thanks to ideas being born every second with the production team, Season 3 had to be cut in half just so it isn't bloated anymore. From the Chrismas Speical that has QUITE a delfeuptment history, to the intoduction of a powerful cat soucceress. Inbetween it all is pretty much average days in office for the lougers..... Baring major moments like a wide-reaching conspiracty, the rise of a new messiah, the most impourent chapter of Cynder's past being confronted and wrapped up nicely, and all in all, just good ol'fationed Louge sytile humor....

Disclaimer: Sometimes the challnage quility of the Season 3 entirity are abit like a roller coaster. It's all over the place. One minute it's as challnaging as all hell, then it just dips to bounderline easy, then goes back and forth. Writer inconsistencey, am I right folks?

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