The Dark Order is a villain team that is made up of past OC villains from the cronicales series, and follows the philosities of Or-Gan that the Darkspawn are out-dated, and mortal villains are the new generation. this earns some negitive points from Darkspawn following villain teams, mostly the villain leage. (note: because the majority of the villains in this team have not even been made yet or are not tecnecly part of the team before it's time, it will only feature the more major players.) But The Dark Order's existance will be short lived in the Season 7 finale episodes. The Distruction of the Dark Order when Or-Gan gets cursed by Malefor due to him being a greater threat then the other OC villains, and they were spared and instead were granted to the custady of the lougers after the Dark Order's dispansion. though eventally, Or-Gan's curse never lasted for long, or indiffentnetly.

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