Saldaron: "Divergent Timelines are basicly unborn Alternate Timelines, yet they aslo exist in secret of the Main Timeline of Time Butterflies, but also not part of th Main Timeline. Imagine, a timeline splinter cell, if you would. Fortunately, they're harmless, they're like tiny imperfections on Time Butterflies in the result of Qouantom Glitches, so usually they're left alone. But the Time Council does require us to make sure Divergents never interact with the Main Timeline, or else that could lead to problems. Not nessersarly of the Paradox Doomsday verity, but it WILL risk a merging between the Divergent and the Main, and if the Divergent products are not sent back, the changes will become periment. So, basicly, approuch and study Divergents at your own perial."

PTE Redux Status: Unworthy.

Superiora: If I may interject, X-OvrLuvr, who created MY United Universes will play the story of My Little Pony straight, so as not to conflict with SpongeBob and Friends lore.

Saldaron: "Ohhh? Well, by all means, this is mostly because the producers didn't predicted Season 9's radical shifts in tone and to avoid massive edits. But still, the interest in being different from this series is appresiated."

Superiora: Are you not even going to question who I am, Saldaron? Or should I say, American McGee's Cheshire Cat?

Saldaron: "Well not meaning to be rude, but, that depends, are you basicly PTE's answer to myself?"

Superiora: Well... yes and no. X-OvrLuvr hasn't created my character page on his wiki yet.

Saldaron: "Well, for diplomatic sake, then I will be inclined to offer this inquiry: Who are you spefificly?"

Superiora: I was a human who turned evil and wanted to govern all laws of time on the planet Heracles, or PTE's Kratos, until mysterious forces caused me to see the error of my ways and made me a Time Lord. I am known by my Superior name, Superiora, after my mocked name, Superiora the Inferior.

Saldaron: ".... That title's abit of an irony, is it not?"

Superiora: "Oh, like Scroopfan's name for you isn't any better. "Saldaron" sounds like the name of an elderly alien prophet. You're not entirely wrong, though."

Saldaron: "..... Tell you what, how's about I invite you to the Time Hall Cafeteria and enjoy some Time Soufflé?"

Superiora: "Charmed, I'm sure."

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