They are the main founders of the Villains Act, but either because of fragle outsider reputation of being someone people considered to be trustworthy or having enough of a bad reputation then already and would be easily targeted, they went by secret founder names to avoid being easily sought after. As such, this veil of secretcy allowed them to be more elaberate then the other villain ranks and enabled them to work in mysterious ways and even be able to work on both sides of the spectrum. However, since the disbanion, their mysterious nature ended up working against them, though if thanks to a member who made them do something that proved too fatal of a mistake to do, the other villains of the VA have become more weary of trusting the Secret Founders ever since, fearing their mysterious ways and/or hating their actions. Even having the one respondsable removed seldom changed this attatude. The Secret Founders sturggle with reattaining this long destroyed trust ever since. Their reasons can varied, to typical villain reasons to more sympathic then their actions suggest. Either way, they're still guilty of an infamous group, even after it's dispantion, as their arrest is still heavily demanded by the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council in order to avoid them attempting to make a new VA, even dispite their current predicterment. It should be noted that Qui does not count as a founder, though was paraded as one to further shroud the true founders in msytery, a shadow that eventually faded with the capture of a founder and an eventual exposement of another.

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