Time Lords are characters whose soul purpose is to govern time travel. In the UUniverses, time travel causes a grandfather paradox that, if not treated immediately, could result in the space-time continuum being ripped asunder. Time lords exist for this very reason, and they have dubbed time travel a serious UUniversal crime, and even know that time travel for personal gain, commonly known as chrono-terrorism, is considered a reckless thing because time travel can affect things before and after the event. Time lords are numerous, and range in power. Time travel in the UUniverses even have different rules depending upon how it is portrayed in their respective works of fiction, whether meeting past selves can have adverse side-effects, or when grandfather paradoxes are non-existent. This is because the space-time continuum has different auras in different areas and worlds, and thus time lords are knowledgeable enough to utilize these.

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