Un-True Heroes are a speical breed of anti-heroes. They, for the most part, behave like heroes, act like heroes, and are mostly respected like heroes, but, they tend to have quilities that don't make true heroes. For the most part, they selfishly mercentdised themselves to take advantaged of the people's love by always expected to be awarded for their actions. Cause of this, it makes them unable to be able to help poorer people that suffer from raids and attacks from bandits and rouge millaterries. Alchourse, those kind of untrue heroes tend to at least be harmless, they're either just self-marketing jerks or sell-outs, and it would normally take a bad enough situation and a down-hill scenario to make them understand what it really means to be a hero. There is a, slightly more near villainious breed of Untrue heroes out there. Sentually nearly like anti-villains, these more extreme untrue-heroes, outside of some self-selling out and always expect awards for their deeds, which varies, also tend to grant out over-kill punishments to even pretty minor threats and hypocritical means to "protact" the universes. A breed of Untrue heroes like that are recindised as a threat worse then any villain by the High Council, cause those kind of Un-true heroes are on the verge of being may as well AS a villain, only with a blinded sense of what is right and wrong. Often, untrue heroes are born either from tragity, or the individual was just simply a jerk that managed to get hero status and wishes to explot the crap out of it, which again, can vary. Sometimes, Un-true heroes can also be districribed as fallen heroes, which, again, varies on what discribe them as such. Sometimes, Untrue Heroes can still be considered "Good" if they still have anti-hero quilities in where they do extreme stuff for the sake of protacting the innosent and helping them. These Untrue Heroes are also nicknamed "Controverseal Heroes", that some people might not always viewed them nessersarly as heroes or are neutrol to them based on their past actions, beliefs, or depending on who they listen to.

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