Superiora: Hello. I am Superiora the Inferior. It is my duty to inform you that due to the overwhelming changes in the SpongeBob and Friends Timeline as a result of Scroopfan's negative reaction to the ending of Kingdom Hearts III, while not necessarily hateful, as more like, he wasn't prepared for the long awaited 3rd entry's albeit very extreme choices in how the ending went, X-OvrLuvr has decided to judge certain elements from the milestone episode entitled Princess Salvation. Several pages were looked over and were deemed unworthy to be represented in the Punch Time Exploders series based on certain aspects of mainstream continuity. It's nothing against SAF's decisions to abide to their traditions to deviate from canon as it has been known to do, it's just, X-OvrLuvr has more, canon loyal tendencies, as we try to, shall we say, work with what we're given. Thank you.

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