Characters who, although acting for primarily evil or selfish goals, are not in full control of their actions/emotions and hence the reader/viewer can sympathize with them due to them not being evil by choice, but rather by them being (for the most part) a victim of circumstance. Inhereitedly, they didn't choose to be evil, but were forced to embrace it thanks to varying personal problems, which can conlude but not limited to, the flaws and contridictions of socity, the ironicly harsh but well meaning rules of the light, being driven by mental illness, or often the victim of someone slightly worse then they are and everyone else fails to properly understand their desires to risks actions that would make them not any better. Whether they get changed out of their current problem can vary. Though they don't nessersarly need to have actselly tragic events to make them victim of circtenstances, it does however show that some circtenstances can be more symptahicable then others.

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