Catentea Eliza Close
Vital statistics
Title Cattie, CattClose101 (VirtNet Name), AUU Cameron 'Cammie' MacCloud (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Cheathan
Faction TECH:LOCK Project Team
Description Eccentric, Immature, Trigger-Happy, Overactive
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Acrobatic, NeoGreen Avatar Grants Hoverskates, Resilient With Any Firearm
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tequesta (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Tenloer System) (Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Catentea 'Cattie' E. Close is an Alternate UUniversal Cheathan from Planet Tequesta. She is a melanistic jaguar humanoid and very skilled VR gaming celebrity who learned how to fight through her own virtual gaming. This built up her coordination and allowed her to be neurologically compatible with the TECH:LOCK project created by Doctor Kolokowsky. Despite being eccentric and immature, Cattie is actually very coordinated and capable of controlling her mech avatar, NeoGreen, or NG, as if she was in the VirtNet. She is the AUU version of gen:LOCK Cammie.


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