Madam Deces escaped from the magic imprisoni and fled from the cops. Powerless and defenceless, Deces started to blame herself and yet, also blame on those that wrong her. confused on who's to blame the most, she hides out in someone's basement. However, she finds herself in the proession of an opessive insect/arhractned collecting Ostrach by the name of Alexsander Long-legs, he instently just fulls in love with Deces, but in a much differnet way on how he loves his collection. Alex has the ability to malmitulate bugs and spiders like no one's business, and offers Deces a home in his. however, Deces fails to control her evil from within and has Alex use his love for her to use the bugs and spiders to stole a powerful book capable of removing any curse, of light or dark, to undo what has happened to Deces, and get revenge on Spongebob for runing evreything. however, Deces faces a greater problem: moral conflicts, and this feeling of love, which is making her more relucent to actselly see her plans through, and not wanting Alexsander finding out what she once did. will this serve as an advantage for the lougers, and, will this be the chance for Ms. Stork to win back her old friend on the good side, and save Deces from going back to prison, or are some things forever stuck in a web?

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