Ceek Tryll Ilstrox-Gells
Vital statistics
Title The Dumb Activist, Tree-Hugger, Bureaucratic Menace, Business Menace
Gender Male
Race/Species Highland Gaonna (Griyllusaurus aepygeus)
Faction Independent Rights Fighter
Description Constantly Misunderstood, Easily Frustrated, Insulting, Criticizing, Overt Hippy Persona, Well-Meaning Idealism
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Strategic Genius
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Porgassor (Epsilon Universe, Ulcram Sector, Pobawa System) (Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero
Ceek T. Ilstrox-Gells is an Alternate UUniversal Gaonna from Planet Porgassor. He is a kangaroo-like ornithopod who is a radical animal rights activist who was accused of endangering the inhabitants through his methods, such as stealing fatal ammo to save predators, interfering with zoo hunts, harmful protests, letting people get eaten by the wildlife, and anything else. When this got him fired by his boss for the controversy brought on by these acts, he became a fanatic who decided to force the issue, especially when he called the last straw when his second wife left him, and his father disowned him. He has since hired sentient dinosaurs to enforce his point by basically becoming a Marvel Comics Brute-Force, only with little-to-no cybernetics. This gained him further controversy as he caused parks to go bankrupt with his campaign, and he was declared a public menace who is 'a bad influence to zoo and theme park business', and is thus 'an infringement to their rights', thus declaring him a criminal. But despite this, only a select few sympathize with his struggle, and the one hunting him the most is a police chief whom he endangered by 'taking away his means of defending himself and thus cost him his ability to walk', as it was just a means to keep him from capturing the dinosaur, yet it was still declared a felony. But his reckless path soon crosses with Icky and Iago when he plans to reap freedom in the animals of one of Porgassor's best theme parks, as they accidentally do his work for him, yet they end up lousing it up.


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